5 Reasons Why Cannabis Businesses Should Invest in Dispensary Management Systems

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Whether your cannabis business is for medical or recreational purposes, certain expenses must be considered to stay within your profit margin. These include equipment costs, label printing and other supplies necessary for packaging products, security expenses, and staff salaries. Dispensary management systems allow you to document all the information digitally and help you easily handle industry compliance. They also make it easy to toggle between multiple dispensary locations for easier staff management.

Automated Inventory Management

The cannabis industry is highly regulated, which requires effective inventory management. Local governments enforce robust policies that require regular physical inventory audits to compare the physical stock to what is reported in the state or provincial seed-to-sale system. Incorrect tracking or reporting can lead to fines, license revocations, and legal issues. A dispensary management software system can automate this process, reducing the likelihood of human error and providing up-to-the-minute reports. A quality solution will enable your business to track and reconcile inventory across multiple locations on a centralized platform. A dispensary management system will help you maintain a high-quality product by following the first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory valuation method. This will ensure that the freshest, most recently purchased products are sold first, limiting waste and eliminating stockouts.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Developing customer loyalty is one of the best ways to grow your cannabis business. Customers who feel valued will continue shopping with you and recommending you to friends. Offer financial incentives, such as a loyalty program, gift cards, or cash back. This will encourage repeat purchases and help your dispensary stand out. Please provide a personal touch with customer service, such as sending them a discount on their birthday or offering loyalty points for social media mentions. These personal touches will make your customers feel appreciated and build trust. You can track these interactions using your POS system. In addition, this data can be used to drive SMS marketing campaigns. This will save your budtenders and delivery personnel time and effort while creating more personalized content for your customer base.

Automated Discounts

While some experts warn of the potential for cannabis pricing to backfire, it’s still a powerful tool to temporarily boost sales in critical periods such as holidays and social events. Discounting can also help disperse inventory and promote high-demand products. Creating and enforcing cannabis cash management SOPs is critical to reducing internal theft and preventing money loss. This includes clearly defining who can access each drawer, how the cash is moved between drawers and to a safe, and how it’s stored when not in use. Using an integrated solution that provides real-time visibility into sales data can improve cash management and make it easier to reconcile discrepancies. It can also allow your budtenders to provide a seamless, reliable card payment experience that feels like a traditional debit transaction for consumers and streamlines checkout for the dispensary.

Reduced Chances of Human Error

Since cannabis is federally regulated, maintaining data integrity and end-to-end visibility is critical to meeting compliance requirements. Using technology systems to automate tasks and streamline processes helps ensure consistency and accuracy, thus reducing the chances of human error. With credit cards still prohibited in the cannabis industry, dispensaries often operate as cash-only enterprises. This presents challenges, including higher security concerns and increased costs to transport large cash stockpiles. It also leaves room for theft when employees are not given clear SOPs around cash management. With a cannabis-specific POS system, manual cash counting tasks can be eliminated, saving businesses hours of work each day. A POS system can also provide valuable insights into business performance, including employee scheduling, product sales, and more. This information can help identify and resolve issues before they become more significant problems.

Increased Sales Capacity

A dispensary system with queue management tools will help you efficiently manage your store’s capacity. It will keep track of customer numbers, alert staff when it is safe to let more customers in and ensure every customer gets a chance to purchase something from your store. During the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis retailers face strict regulations that must be adhered to to remain open. A dispensary management system with a high sales capacity will allow you to keep your store open during the peak times of the day. It will also keep records of every sale and provide valuable insight that you can use to grow better and optimize your products. In addition, it will enable you to easily send marketing messages via email and text to your customers.

Integration with Accounting System

A sound POS system will document the sale of each item, generate an invoice for customers, and help with inventory management. It will also document employee information like shift timings and schedules. Additionally, it will make it easier to share documents like job applications or resumes across multiple locations by storing them in a central location. A POS system that works across dispensary locations will make comparing inventory and sales data easier. This can help you identify trends that might otherwise be hard to detect. For example, you might discover that a particular product sells out more quickly at one location than another. This can help you improve your marketing efforts or adjust your purchasing strategy accordingly. It will also give you valuable insights into your operations and customer buying behavior.

Real-Time Reporting

A cannabis business’s ability to manage its financials is essential for staying competitive. A POS system allows businesses to track and report revenue, expenses, profits, and losses in real time. This data also makes it easier for businesses to comply with strict state regulations. For example, a POS system with ID verification software can help ensure customers are over 21 when purchasing products. This feature is essential to maintain compliance with age restrictions and promote responsible consumption of cannabis. A dedicated POS system can save you time and money by ensuring all data is updated in real-time. It can even prevent POS system crashes, a considerable risk for retail businesses. 

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