8 Divine Hand Tattoo Designs For Women – The Ultimate Inspiration Guide

8 Divine Hand Tattoo Designs For Women – The Ultimate Inspiration Guide

Getting inked is more popular than ever right now, and hand tattoos are a great medium of self-expression – the design possibilities are endless.

The placement of a tattoo on the hand needs thoughtful consideration because the skin and bones in your hand are fragile. If you want a tattoo in this location, you will need to do a lot of planning, and find a good tattoo artist. Keep in mind that the maintenance of a hand tattoo is very important to reduce the risks of infections and pain. You will need to take a few days off from work to give your hand time to heal. Hand Tattoos also tend to fade over time, so you will need to visit your tattoo artist multiple times to get touch-ups. 

Let’s get to the part you are actually inkuistive about. Before you get a design permanently etched on your hand, you need to be sure that the design you want is something that truly resonates with you. It’s not the best idea to get something based on your likes, as they could change in the future. This is why while deciding, make sure that the design aligns with your values and truly represents you.

Well, thank your stars because you are in the right place! We have put together a list of 8 hand tattoo designs for women. Get ready to be inspired and make sure to take screenshots of your favourites.

Year/Date Tattoo

A hand with a tattoo on it

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If you’re looking for small tattoos women then year or date tattoo designs are the best option for you. They are very meaningful and popular. 

You can get a dainty, fine design, or you can even get bold and dark designs with roman numerals. Date tattoo designs have a lot of significance and you can commemorate a special day, a birthday; the possibilities are endless.

Snake Finger Tattoo

A hand with a tattoo on it

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Snakes are usually connected with rebirth and transformation, making them a great tattoo choice for individuals who have gone through a major life transition.

Elegant Vines Tattoo

A person's hand with a tattoo on it

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These elegant, free-flowing vines are so lovely and dainty. Vine tattoos represent strength, progress, and survival. In Christianity, vines are viewed as sacred symbols. It’s also one of our favourite women hand tattoos.

Constellation Tattoo

This constellation tattoo is a wonderful design idea for someone who is into stargazing or astronomy. Constellation tattoos also symbolize good luck, protection, and hope for many people. Such tattoos look great as thigh as well as back tattoos for woman.

Diamonds Tattoo

You can never go wrong with a classic, fine-line diamond tattoo. It’s minimalistic and pretty. You can also get this design along with a best friend or partner, and then you both can shine bright like a diamond!

Floral Mandala Tattoo

A picture containing wall, tattoo, indoor

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If you want a design that stretches across your entire hand, then take inspiration from this design. The negative spaces in this mandala tattoo make it look elegant and eye-catching.

Rihanna’s Tribal Henna Inspired Tattoo

When looking for women’s feminine hand tattoos, who better to take inspiration from than Rihanna? The exceptionally talented musician and businesswoman has lots of unique and meaningful tattoos. 

The tribal henna-inspired tattoo on Rihanna’s hand is super intricate and represents strength and love.

Lavender Finger Tattoo

Courtesy: https://culturacolectiva.com/

If you want to get a hand tattoo but don’t want it to be too visible, this tattoo placement is great. A lavender tattoo is always so ultra-feminine and beautiful. Lavenders are a symbol of loyalty, passion, and integrity. This is one of the best women’s feminine hand tattoos. 

Which was your favourite hand tattoo design from the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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