A Scenic Journey to the Canada

A Scenic Journey to the Canada

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Every visitor should include Vancouver and Banff, the starting and finishing points, on their bucket list of must-see places to visit. In addition to being a bustling seaport on the West Coast, Vancouver, British Columbia, is home to one of the most diversified populations, a well-liked shooting site, and a bustling creative community. The journey’s first destination is Vancouver, British Columbia. With a population of around 675,000, this city is situated on North America’s west coast. It is the location of numerous tourist destinations, including as Gastown, Stanley Park, and Granville Island Public Market.

In contrast, Banff, Alberta, is a bustling mountain town encircled by the Canadian Rockies, offering breathtaking scenery for painting and photography, rivers for rafting and fishing, and mountains for climbing and skiing. 

Exists a train that runs from Vancouver to Banff?

Yes, there are two options available for enjoying trains to Banff Canadathe VIA Rail train and the Rocky Mountaineer. These are multi-day excursions. If you want to go by VIA Rail, you will probably make your travel arrangements via a separate tour operator. Travel packages that span five, nine, or ten days are available. They consist of a train ride to Jasper, from where you may take buses or shuttles to some of the park’s other treasures, such Lake Louise and Banff.

You will only take the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Kamloops, where you will spend the night at a lodging facility before continuing on to Banff. We will emphasize the Rocky Mountaineer since we wanted to concentrate on the rail portion of the journey.

What is the price of a train ticket from Vancouver to Banff??

At $3,000 CAD per participant, the First Passage to the West Classic is the most affordable and straightforward choice. It follows the old train route that, in 1885, linked Canada’s east and west. Train travel takes two full days between Vancouver, Kamloops, where there is an overnight stop, and Banff. Depending on whether you choose the Goldleaf, Silverleaf, or Goldleaf Upgrade, prices may change. Depending on the currency rate on the day of booking, the price in US dollars will fluctuate.

A permit to the national park, meals on board the train, alcoholic drinks, baggage handling in Kamloops, and three nights in a hotel are all included in the package price. 

How much time does it take to take the train from Vancouver to Banff?

The time it takes to get from Vancouver to Banff depends on the train you ride and the package you choose. This journey is more about pleasure and luxury than it is about economy and usefulness.

The First Passage to the West Classic and First Passage to the West Excursion on the Rocky Mountaineer last three or four nights, respectively. If you decide to go by VIA Rail, the journey from Vancouver to Jasper by rail takes 19 hours, and the trip to Banff by bus takes 3 hours.

Are you prepared to take a train from Vancouver to Banff?

For any visitor looking for a lengthy overland excursion with unmatched experiences and vistas, taking the train to Banff is the ideal expedition. If you choose to go on this adventure, we are certain you will have a blast!


In order to provide a flawless travel experience of Canada Rail Vacationstravelers are swiftly and effectively relocated to nearby hotel partners after each day on board, and their baggage is carried straight to their hotel room. If you decide to begin in Vancouver, you have the option of going east just as far as Banff and then leaving from Calgary, or you may spend a little more and take the round-trip train back to Vancouver.

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