Beer Patio Umbrella Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing The Right Ones for Your Needs

Beer patio umbrellas are an excellent solution for bars with an outdoor terrace, which makes the drinking process even more enjoyable. Now guests of the house will be protected from the burning sun or precipitation and will be able to continue to enjoy a beautiful holiday.

After reading our article, you will learn how to choose such a canopy and where you can buy it.

Choosing the Right Beer Patio Umbrella for Your Needs

Looking for the beer patio umbrella for sale? We know what to consider when choosing:

  • Size

Decide which area should be covered by the canopy. Keep in mind that it should be 5 feet larger in diameter than the area for which it is intended.

  • Durability

Products made of high-quality durable materials are a priority. Thus, the frames should be made of such materials as aluminum or fiberglass, and the umbrella itself should be made of UV-resistant fabric able to withstand various weather effects.

  • Mounting

Choose an umbrella with a stable base that minimizes the risk of rollover in windy weather.

  • Branding

We recommend paying attention to the beer logo patio umbrellas for sale. Having original branding helps to attract the attention of customers to your products.

Patio Bar Umbrellas vs. Restaurant Market Umbrellas

Choosing between patio bar umbrellas and restaurant umbrellas?

Here are the key differences between the two models:

  • Size

Patio umbrellas are generally smaller than those installed in restaurants. The latter covers dining areas outdoors or places where it is necessary to cover several tables at once from the sun or rain.

  • Design

Pub umbrellas have a more compact original design. In turn, restaurant models are usually taller and classically designed.

  • Functionality

Umbrellas for restaurants have more extended functionality, including tilt mechanisms to adjust the shade angle, as well as additional lighting to create a cozy atmosphere in the evening.

However, there are some pub umbrellas for sale equipped with handles for tilt adjustment.

Promotional Patio Umbrellas: A Marketing Opportunity

Umbrellas for bars are not just an additional mechanism to protect customers from bad weather conditions.

You can use an umbrella for advertising: Unlike an unremarkable canopy, a beer brand umbrella will promote your pub or brewery.

To do this, we recommend applying the name of the establishment or popular varieties of beer, your slogan, or branded image on the fabric. 

Promotional patio umbrellas will increase brand recognition, make the establishment more «visible» for passers-by and, as a result, will attract more customers willing to try your products.

Where to Buy Beer Patio Umbrellas in the United States

Do you know where can I buy a beer patio umbrella?

Contact UBC Group USA. It is a leading beer equipment manufacturer, offering a wide range of quality patio umbrellas.

There are models of different sizes and shapes, made of different materials, with all the functionality you need. Contact UBC Group and they will help you find the option that best suits your needs!

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