Comprehensive Guide to Electrical Safety Courses

Given the potential risks and hazards associated with electricity, you should make sure that your staff have all the knowledge and skills to handle electrical systems safely.

That is why your colleagues need to pass electrical safety courses, which will be an important step in creating a safe working environment.

Leaf Electrical Safety is one of the leading suppliers of electrical safety training programs. These professionals offer a comprehensive approach to electrical safety training. They have developed several types of courses, from basic to advanced, that will give the necessary knowledge for working with live equipment.

Starting with Basics

Even if your team doesn’t work directly with electricity, it would be useful for them to have a general idea of the danger of electrocution.  This is why basic electrical safety training for employees is an excellent solution for operators, mechanics, and general maintenance workers.

The course includes:

  • Study electrical hazards such as shock and arc flash.
  • Understanding situations in which employees are potentially at risk. Also, your employees will know what distance is safe.
  • Overview of current electrical safety regulations and standards, as well as the responsibilities of your employees;

Not sure that the basic electrical safety program meets your needs? Whether you want a basic overview of the hazards, to have an electrical safety refresher course, or to learn in-depth safety-related work practices, Leaf Electrical Safety’s training will get what you need.

Advanced Electrical Safety Training Courses

The Leaf offers advanced electrical safety programs:

  • Arc Flash & Low Voltage Safety Training, designed for low voltage fitters, technicians, and electricians. These include topics related to the duties of the electrician, the effects of electroshock on the body, the creation of an electro-safe working environment, the choice of personal protective equipment, and much more.
  • Arc Flash & High Voltage Safety Training, which is a perfect choice for industrial and maintenance electricians. This electrical equipment training has an even more in-depth program, which also includes topics related to the safety of high and medium voltage, temporary protective grounding, etc.

Online vs In-Person Electrical Safety Courses

Choosing between in-person electrical safety classes and online electrical safety training?

We recommend choosing online training methods. Your team can be trained:

  • At any time convenient for them;
  • From anywhere in the world;

Electrical safety courses by Leaf are flexible and interactive: your team will know everything they need to organize a safe work environment!

Getting Certified

Upon completion of your training with Leaf Electrical Safety, you will receive an electrical safety certificate recognized by all industry employers, giving you the right to work with the appropriate equipment. It is valid for 3 years until you need another refresher course.

Choose Leaf and you will protect yourself and your employees from all risks associated with the use of live machinery!

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