Getting to know medical tourism

Getting to know medical tourism

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Developed countries allocate huge funds to finance medicine, and this is bearing fruit: great progress has been made in the treatment of many, even the most severe diseases, and the average life expectancy of a person continues to increase. If your country cannot offer the high quality of medicine, you can undergo treatment abroad. The specialists of the Booking Health company will select the best clinic for you, help reduce treatment expenses and organize a trip.

Why do people go to other countries for treatment

Every year, millions of people around the world travel abroad for medical purposes. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • The opportunity to receive better medical care in a country with a high level of medicine
  • Cost savings
  • The ability to get treatment faster if you have to wait too long for medical care in your native country
  • Combination of treatment with rest, tourism

Many people living in countries with poorly developed medicine visit hospitals in European countries, such as German best hospitals. Here they can expect that the treatment will be less traumatic, more effective, safer, and provide a high quality of life after defeating the disease.

What diseases can be treated abroad

Most often patients go abroad for the treatment of the following diseases:

Cancer. Oncology is one of the high-tech areas of medicine that requires good funding. As a result, cancer treatment is much more effective in developed countries. In Europe, minimally invasive laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and robotic surgery are often used to remove malignant tumors. Modern linear accelerators are used for radiotherapy, allowing the tumor to be destroyed with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. Doctors have many new cancer treatments at their disposal: radiotherapy, chemoembolization, radioembolization, stem cell transplantation, CAR T-cell therapy and other procedures.

Heart pathologies. Doctors abroad perform heart surgery of any complexity. Patients with ischemic diseases, valvular stenosis and insufficiency, congenital heart defects, cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias and other cardiovascular pathologies seek medical help in hospitals in developed countries. Whenever possible, the disease is treated using endovascular techniques: from inside the blood vessels. Such procedures are also used to treat children with heart defects. If endovascular treatment is not possible, surgery is the treatment of choice. In developed countries, many procedures are less invasive and safer. Where possible, they are performed through short incisions and without the use of a heart-lung machine to reduce the risk of complications.

Musculoskeletal diseases. One of the most popular areas of medical tourism is orthopedics and sports medicine. Doctors abroad perform endoprostheses, arthroscopic joint surgery and successfully treat even the most serious injuries. Sports medicine is well-developed in Europe. Hospitals in European countries are visited by professional athletes from all over the world. They successfully treat meniscus, ligament and tendon tears, cartilage injuries and other injuries. After treatment and rehabilitation, a person can return to training and competition as soon as possible.

Nervous system diseases. Developed countries are making tremendous progress in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and other neurological disorders. Treatment includes both conservative and surgical methods. Many hospitals use deep brain stimulation, a less invasive treatment that replaces more traumatic neurosurgery. After illness or surgery, you can receive neurological rehabilitation in Europe using the latest technology: doctors have access to robotic fitness equipment, exoskeletons, biofeedback, virtual reality and other innovations.

To undergo treatment of diseases abroad, you are welcome to use the services of the medical tourism company Booking Health. On our website you can compare the prices for medical services in different hospitals and book a program at a favorable price. Our specialists will help you choose the most suitable hospital, doctor, and take care of the organization of treatment abroad.

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