Impact Windows

How Impact Windows Enhance Security and Protect Against Intruders

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Unlike standard windows, impact windows are strong enough to resist a baseball bat or a crowbar. They also prevent burglars from kicking in the front door or breaking your window to get inside.

They keep your home safer and more secure and can help you save on energy costs by keeping it more relaxed during the day. Plus, they pay for themselves by lowering your insurance rates.

They Keep Out Burglars and Intruders

Burglars will often look for easy entry points such as open windows. But impact windows can prevent this from happening by making it more difficult to break them. These windows are tested to withstand solid objects such as baseball bats, crowbars, chains, and sledgehammers.

This type of window can withstand the same force that hurricane-force debris would cause, which is enough to stop criminals from infiltrating your home. The plastic interlayer used to create this kind of window is also sound-dampening and helps lessen the amount of UV radiation that enters your home.

During testing, two men resembling Hercules smashed seven baseball bats against an impact window and whipped it with a chain. They slammed it with a crowbar and pounded it 31 times with a sledgehammer. But the strong glass didn’t shatter. Instead, it splintered but held together. It makes it impossible for burglars to walk through or reach their hands inside a house.

They Reduce Noise Pollution

The same membrane layers that allow impact windows to withstand legendary storms and the debris they throw around like so much road kill also make them resistant to a break-in. If a window can stand up to a six-foot-long 2×4 shot from a cannon, it can hold up against a baseball bat or other weapon a burglar uses.

Not only will your home feel quieter with impact windows, but you’ll save money on energy bills. Laminated insulated glass is an excellent solution for reducing HVAC costs as it effectively keeps heat in during the winter and cools air out during the summer. It makes it a cost-effective option that can truly make a difference.

Besides keeping out burglars and intruders, impact windows protect your valuables from sun damage. They eliminate harmful UV rays that fade artwork and furniture over time, saving your items from needing constant replacement or costly repairs. The best part is that your investment in security and energy efficiency pays for itself in reduced homeowner’s insurance premiums.

They Protect Your Home from UV Radiation

Whether you live in a coastal area or are building your home, choosing impact windows and doors is wise. 

Burglars target windows because they provide the most straightforward point of entry into a property. They also prefer stealth, so they do not draw attention to themselves. It takes burglars less than a minute to break through standard windows. On the other hand, impact windows can withstand hits from baseball bats, crowbars, and chains.

The inner shatterproof membrane in impact windows also protects your home from the sun’s damaging UV rays. UV rays can fade your furniture, fabrics, and artwork. This deterioration can cause your valuables to lose their luster and depreciate. Laminated impact windows eliminate 99% of UV rays, protecting your furnishings from discoloration and premature fading.

They Make Your Home Look Better

Originally designed to protect homes and businesses from the hurricane-force winds Florida is so prone to, impact windows are now gaining a reputation as practical barriers against burglars. They also offer several other advantages, including energy efficiency and blocking harmful UV rays.

Intruders usually spend less than ten minutes in your home and often only aim to grab cash, valuables, jewelry, electronics, and other expensive items. They can break your windows with a hammer or even a straightforward rock, but they will find it much more challenging to gain entry with impact windows and doors.

The strength of impact windows and doors comes from their construction materials, which make them nearly impenetrable. Burglars who attempt to break into a property through impact windows and doors will have to work harder and more quietly to enter, which can lead them to abandon the plan altogether. It makes your house feel safer and more secure, and your family and guests will have a better experience inside your property.

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