Jonathan Galindo

Jonathan Galindo: The Enigma Behind Social Media Fame

Jonathan Galindo has risen to prominence as the enigmatic figure donning the eerie dog mask. He is closely associated with the notorious ‘Goofy Man’ persona, a promoter of the perilous Blue Whale Challenge. This game compels participants to complete a series of tasks within strict timeframes, gradually escalating in both difficulty and disturbing content. The final task is said to encourage victims to take their own lives. 

Galindo’s presence is notably felt on various Discord Servers, where he privately contacts random individuals, inviting them to partake in this disturbing game.

Who is Jonathan Galindo?

Known as Cursed Goofy, he is a significant figure tied to the unsettling resurgence of the Blue Whale Challenge in 2020. His appearance is marked by a unique Goofy dog mask, which adds an aura of mystery and eeriness to his online persona. 

This phenomenon typically involves anonymous users adopting the identity of “Jonathan Galindo,” utilizing various versions of the Cursed Goofy imagery to connect with individuals on social media platforms. They initiate contact, inviting them to participate in a peculiar game.

This game is none other than the infamous Blue Whale Challenge, bearing similarities to the well-known Momo Challenge. In this unsettling scenario, anonymous users resort to coercive tactics, including threats of doxing or revealing personal information, to pressure targets into participating.

The unsettling trend highlights the dangers of online manipulation and the potential resurgence of harmful challenges that exploit unsuspecting internet users.

Jonathan Galindo’s Background

The profile images associated with these accounts were crafted by Samuel Canini, a cosplayer and mask designer known as Dusky Sam, around 2012-2013. While the true identity remains elusive, the resurgence of this phenomenon in recent times is attributed to a TikTok user with the handle jonathangalindo54. This user created the profile in autumn 2019.

Following the creation of this profile, numerous duplicate accounts surfaced across platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. These clone accounts reached out to individuals, utilizing both enticing and threatening tactics to manipulate them into engaging in the unsettling Blue Whale Challenge.

An Overview of Jonathan Galindo

The discussion around Jonathan Galindo began on Twitter, with Voxsis being one of the first individuals to mention it on July 2nd, 2020. Her tweet gained significant traction, garnering numerous retweets, likes, and comments. Additionally, a video depicting a conversation between an anonymous Twitter user and Lavenderxio was shared on July 3rd, receiving substantial engagement.

Jonathan Galindo’s Blue Whale Resurgence

In 2026, a disturbing online phenomenon surfaced in Russia, involving an enigmatic group promoting a flash mob called “Blue Whale.” This digital game targeted children and adolescents, urging them to engage in challenges. The sinister twist emerged in the final stages, where participants were directed to take their own lives. This revelation caused a significant uproar on online platforms, leading to efforts to suppress its harmful impact. As attention faded, a parallel occurrence emerged on TikTok and Twitter, reignited by Jonathan Galindo.

He gained recognition for revitalizing the Blue Whale game in 2020, particularly on TikTok and Twitter. Multiple accounts bearing his name initiated contact with young individuals, enticing them with the game’s allure. The game reportedly consisted of 50 steps, with stages allegedly encouraging self-harm. However, concrete evidence for these claims is limited.

Despite its harmful nature, the challenge managed to capture an online audience. Nonetheless, TikTok took action to remove videos associated with Jonathan Galindo’s primary account, believed to be linked to the actual individual behind the online persona.

Jonathan Galindo’s Dog Mask Reasons

Currently, a chilling avatar has evolved into an emblem representing eerie and frightening content across the online realm. You might recall the unsettling saga of Momo, infamous for allegedly dispatching deadly messages on WhatsApp. Momo’s unsettling visage was derived from the sculpture of Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso.

In a parallel vein, the persona of Jonathan Galindo occupies a similar space, as its origins trace back to Dusky Sam—a cosplayer and mask artisan responsible for its creation.

Crafted during the years 2012 and 2013, this image has since become synonymous with him. Dusky Sam, the image’s progenitor, reacted to the unfolding Twitter activity linked to Jonathan Galindo.

In a communication, Dusky Sam asserted, “This Jonathan Galindo madness seems to be terrorizing a great many young impressionable people. The photos and videos are mine from 2012-2013. They were for my own weird amusement then, not for some modern-day thrillseeker looking to scare and bully people.”


The above account provides a thorough overview of Jonathan Galindo and the factors contributing to his notorious online presence. He is connected to a disturbing online phenomenon, often portrayed through an eerie avatar, which has gained attention due to its unsettling nature. This phenomenon shares similarities with past cases such as the Momo Challenge, where a frightening character was linked to harmful messages on WhatsApp.

In Jonathan Galindo’s situation, the imagery was crafted by Dusky Sam, a cosplayer and mask creator, around 2012-2013. This image has now become closely associated with the name Jonathan Galindo, despite its initial artistic purpose.

Given this, it’s crucial to be cautious if you come across any communication or requests from an account using the name Jonathan Galindo. This is especially important for the sake of online safety, particularly for individuals who might be more vulnerable to such interactions.

Reports indicate that these accounts might be linked to unsettling content or potentially harmful challenges. To safeguard yourself and others, it’s highly advisable to take immediate action by reporting and blocking any such accounts. By doing so, you play a role in creating a safer online environment and contribute to preventing the dissemination of potentially harmful internet trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Original Cursed Goofy?

The original Cursed Goofy, also known as Jonathan Galindo, is the pseudonym of mask designer and cosplayer Samuel Canine, who is recognized online as Dusky Sam.

What Was Jonathan Galindo’s Internet Challenge to People?

The challenge promoted involves enticing young individuals to participate in a game that incorporates self-harm practices. Unfortunately, this has been connected to reports of teen fatalities.

What is the Background of Jonathan Galindo’s Spooky Avatar?

His eerie avatar originates from an image created by Dusky Sam, a cosplayer and mask maker, around 2012-2013. This visual identity has become closely associated with the unsettling online phenomenon linked to him.

How Should Individuals Respond to Communications from Jonathan Galindo Accounts?

If you receive any type of communication or request from an account using the name Jonathan Galindo, it is highly recommended to immediately report and block the account. Taking this action is crucial to ensure online safety and prevent potential exposure to harmful content or challenges.

Are There Similar Online Phenomena to Jonathan Galindo? 

Yes, similar to Jonathan Galindo, the Momo Challenge gained attention for promoting harmful tasks through disturbing characters on messaging platforms.

What Platforms Are Affected by Jonathan Galindo’s Presence?

Jonathan Galindo’s presence has been observed on various platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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