In 2023, $4 Million Kevin Samuels Net Worth made him, popular American lifestyle coach, media consultant and biggest Youtuber. And, many people made career and business success by his advice and inspiring public speeches. But if you’re still unfamiliar with this famous personality then don’t forget to read this blog with a complete personal biography.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth in 2023

Net Worth in 2023$4 Million
Net Worth in 2022$3 Million
Net Worth in 2021$2.2 Million
Net Worth in 2020$1.3 Million
Net Worth in 2019$1 Million

All About Kevin Samuels in 2023

The insightful content and advice provided by Kevin Samuels have gained him significant popularity as a public figure, speaker, and life coach. As a result of his no-nonsense approach and direct communication style, Kevin has become a prominent voice in relationships and personal growth.

Full NameKevin Roshon Samuels 
Gender Male
Birth PlacePort Charlotte, Florida, United States
Date of BirthMarch 13, 1965
Death DateMay 5, 2023
Age57 years
Popular AsNew York City, New York, United States
HometownAtlanta, Georgia, USA 
Height6’2″ Height in centimeters 188
Weight 65 Weight in pounds 143 
Hair ColorBlack and Grey
Eye ColorDark Brown
Marital status Divorced after Children 1 
Profession YouTuber, dating expert, social media influencer, life coach, and image consultant 
Alma materThe University of Oklahoma and Millwood High School
FatherNot Mention 
NationalityUnited States of America
MotherNot Mention
Net worth $2 Million

Kevin Samuels specializes in helping individuals improve their dating and relationship experiences. Coaching sessions focus on self-improvement, self-confidence, and understanding the dynamics of modern relationships. Kevin’s unique perspective and expertise have made him a sought-after mentor for those looking to navigate the complexities of dating.

He shares his thoughts and experiences on various topics through his YouTube channel and podcast. The topics he addresses in his content often relate to dating standards, self-worth, and personal development. 

Many people have responded favorably to Kevin’s honest and straightforward approach, resulting in a supportive community and a significant following.

Kevin Samuels’ impact extends beyond just relationship advice. He also addresses personal branding, image consulting, and professional development topics. Through his work, Kevin encourages individuals to take control of their lives and strive for success in various aspects, personally and professionally.

Moreover, Kevin Samuels has been recognized for his thought-provoking insights and featured in various media outlets. His expertise has been sought after by television shows, podcasts, and radio interviews, where he continues sharing his knowledge and inspiring others.

Education and Early Life

Kevin Samuels earned academic and athletic accolades as a student at Millwood High School, where he was born on July 1, 1968.

After high school, he attended the University of Oklahoma and then transferred to Oklahoma State University to study chemical engineering. His career as a chemical engineer led him to drop out of college and begin working in the industry.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth 2023

Kevin Samuels had a net worth of $4 million when he died in May 2023. Among the most influential figures in the social media industry, he is an author, a YouTuber, and a lifestyle coach.

In addition to his YouTube following and influence, his net worth was mainly derived from his success as an influencer. In addition to brand integration, video monetization, merchandise sales, and motivational speaking engagements, he also earned income from brand integration, content monetization, and merchandising.

By his passing, he had over 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which generated most of his income.

Business Ventures and Career Paths

Sam Samuels was in marketing before he founded his image-consulting company in 2013. His YouTube subscribers numbered 1.4 million, his Instagram followers totaled 1.2 million, and his Twitter and TikTok followers were a small number. According to The New York Times, he was known as a “plainspoken, hypermasculine authority” who believed men should be dominant.

The hip-hop community became more familiar with Samuels after he interviewed T.I. and appeared on No Jumper, Joe Budden TV, and VladTV.

During the 2022 season of the Atlanta television series, Samuels appeared in the episode “Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga.”. In February 2022, Samuels played a therapist in a Future music video called “Worst Day.”. Furthermore, Samuels interviewed reality TV stars, including Tommie Lee, and Instagram models, such as Brittany Renner. Marlon Wayans, Minaj, and Tamar Braxton were among those who supported him.

There have been times when Samuels’ remarks about men and women have caused controversy. His show was frequently called by women seeking dating advice, and he frequently urged them to grade themselves according to what he referred to as the perceived sexual market value for dating. After that, he judged women based on their dress size, height, and weight by estimating their value in the sexual market.

It was argued that some women had unreasonable criteria for the type of men they should date and that he criticized guys for being impoverished or overweight. Additionally, he harshly criticized black communities for not maintaining traditional norms, particularly given their high rate of unmarried births and low marriage rates. Critics criticized the misogynistic remarks of Samuels.

Sources of Income

A variety of sources of income contributed to Kevin Samuels’ wealth. These sources include YouTube ads, merchandise sales, image consulting services, and motivational speaking engagements. As a result of his thriving presence on social media and rapid growth in the media business, his net worth is primarily determined by his activities on social media.

Compared to Other Public Figures

The popularity of Kevin Samuels on social media has been attributed to his success as a lifestyle coach and relationship expert.

Samuels’ blunt style and unapologetic approach distinguish him from his peers, who provide relationship advice through social media influencers and image consultants. Moreover, his estimated net worth compared favorably to other entrepreneurs and influencers.

About Kevin Relation 

As a desk addict, Kevin Samuels has extensive experience. In a typical office setting, Samuel has experience representing fashion brands. Throughout his career, Kevin Samuel has been engaged in the delivery of goods. Samuel has experience in the restaurant industry as a franchisee for a renowned restaurant chain. The events of Kevin Samuel’s life were forever altered when he was over the age of 40 years old.

Kevin Samuel is a 40-year-old public relations professional. Although he was late, he kicked off the meeting with a bang. His career in public relations took off the very next year. Eventually, he became a Guru by assisting others. Afterward, he receives advice from many individuals regarding all the issues in his life.

As a dating guru, he began publishing dating essays. As people approached Kevin Samuel with questions about their relationships, he offered advice on proceeding without getting caught in a never-ending cycle. Kevin Samuel has shown that age is a number, so you can begin whenever you feel ready.

‘Death Leaves’ controversy

The sudden death of Kevin Samuels on May 5th, 2022, was caused by a cardiac arrest. Samuels’ condition, however, broke slowly over time, eventually resulting in his death, according to people who knew him.

As everyone knows, Samuels has had some health issues in the past. His heart and internal organs were damaged due to cancer and chemotherapy. His image was further ruined by his excessive work hours, poor diet, and drug use.

The morning before Samuels died, he complained of chest pains. Paramedics were called before the end of the day when he collapsed. Despite the quick arrival of help, the vlogger had already lost time.

Luckily, Samuels was not alone in his apartment when he collapsed. Who called 911? Ortencia Alcantara is rumored to have been with Samuels on that particular day. CPR was performed on Samuels after he suddenly fell on her.

It spreads on the web like a forest fire that Ortencia may have been involved in foul play. She was already aware of Samuels’ chest pains, so why didn’t she force him to seek medical treatment? Samuels’ followers and other influencers ask for a bite of the hype.

If Ortencia had recorded and listened to the 911 call, she could have verified that she did all she could to assist Samuels. People on the internet prefer the entertainment provided by fake news and ignorant remarks over the flat, straightforward truth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kevin Samuels’ net worth when he died?

The net worth of Kevin Samuels at the time of his death was $4 million.

Kevin Samuels’ salary when he died?

It was $100,000 a year that Kevin Samuels made when he died.

How did Kevin Samuels make a living?

Despite a successful YouTube career, Kevin Samuels also ran a lifestyle coaching business and authored books at his death. Additionally, he was an influential social media user and a public speaker.

What degree did Kevin Samuels hold?

After attending the University of Oklahoma, Kevin Samuels studied chemical engineering at Oklahoma State University. His college career eventually ended when he dropped out.

What were the children of Kevin Samuels?

The daughter of Kevin Samuel’s first wife was born on June 29, 2000, in Oklahoma. She is 22 years old; he has kept her identity a secret.

Did Kevin Samuels have a wife?

Kevin Samuels married the woman he fell in love with in high school despite trying to keep their identities hidden.

In the early 2000s, they separated after a year of marriage and had a daughter. He got married again seven years later. Although this relationship lasted for three years, it ended after that. Kevin maintains privacy by not revealing the names of his ex-wives.

What was Kevin Samuels’ net worth according to Forbes in 2022?

Kevin Samuels’ net worth has yet to be estimated by Forbes.

What was Kevin Samuels’ height?

The height of Kevin Samuels was 6 feet.

Why did Kevin Samuels die?

Hypertension and complications led to Kevin Samuels’ death on May 5, 2022. A hospital was called, and he collapsed but could not be resuscitated.

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