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Know a Few Things Before Going for the New Garage Door

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Choosing garage doors is a vast decision requiring thoughtful selection. Many homeowners usually rush in this matter and face disappointment and frustration later on when they have to pay for a hefty repair. You can avoid these woes by making an informed choice regarding budget, size, door type, materials, insulation, opener options, etc. Let’s delve into these aspects if there is urgency on your part.


You can estimate your expenses after considering various factors influencing your garage door purchase. Suppose you like French, glass roll-up, roll-up, or tilt-up style. The cost can vary from as low as C $2400 to as high as C $9500. You usually pay on the higher side for glass roll-up. Other than these, standard panel doors typically cost less. Even walk-through and traditional designs can be available for less. Cost can be high or low based on material and design intricacies. When calculating your budget, you must rely on more than just the initial buying cost. After all, you will also pay for its installation, whether you call Titan Garage Doors or someone else. Hence, consider all possible expenses during this replacement task to assess the budget.

Garage door size and type

You can measure your garage opening to understand the required door size. Single doors are usually 7-8 feet tall and 8-9 feet wide. Double-layer doors will likely be 16 feet broad. If your garage door provider offers customization, they can make something based on your specifications. Still, they generally provide standard sizes to eliminate confusion. Single-layer doors made of aluminum or steel are lighter and more cost-effective. Insulation and security features will be minimal or decent. Thicker layers will be more durable and robust. They can contain a layer of steel and polystyrene or polyurethane for insulation. Premium varieties can offer higher insulation and weather-stripping features.


Wood, steel, fibreglass, vinyl, and aluminum are the standard. Steel stands for durability and strength. It also offers good insulation that helps control the inside temperature. You can find steel doors in contemporary designs. Wood garage doors are known for their timeless aesthetics and curb appeal. But they demand maintenance. Fibreglass can be safe from rust, insects, and dents. You get these low-maintenance doors in unique styles, too.

Furthermore, aluminum is affordable and lightweight. It may not be dent-proof, but you can rely on it for safety from corrosion. The garage will receive sufficient natural light if you buy aluminum doors with glass panels. As for vinyl, it can withstand harsh weather, dents, and fading. Its added strengths are energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability.

Opener option

You can choose manual or electric models. Electric openers are convenient to use as they will operate the door at the push of a button. If you need an oversized door, you can depend on this method and avoid heavy lifting. Some people like this option for its noise-free functioning. But be wary of scenes like power outages and expensiveness. The traditional manual openers are simple and cheaper. You use a lever or handle to manipulate the garage door.

Review these aspects or consult your garage door service provider for more ideas before deciding anything.

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