Energy-efficient Led Strip Lights

Let’s Understand the Energy-efficient Led Strip Lights Better!

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Lighting choices often overwhelm your decision because it’s hard to believe that something as petite-looking as LED tape lights can illuminate your space in a desired manner and be economical. Plus, each comes with unique traits, increasing the scope of their practical application. Also called ribbon or strip lights, these circuit boards enjoy flexibility and are adorned with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the surface. You will find them with adhesive backs for ease of installation. Since these lights come in all types of quality, choosing a reliable option is a must. People love these lights for their ability to mend per their needs.

To be precise, the flat, low-profile strip lights let you size them as you wish. Its adaptability often leaves homeowners pleasantly surprised. Hence, they feel encouraged to customize and use its brightness almost everywhere in the house, including ceilings, kitchen cabinets, staircases, etc. With controls like dimmers and colour changes, they become even more enjoyable. But are these lights truly economical? Let’s explore this critical aspect.

LED tape light’s energy efficiency

Many people have switched to energy efficient LED light tape from traditional lighting. Yet, others often approach it with certain doubts because of little knowledge. If you are new to this option, it will help to know that these strip lights create less heat and produce more light at an affordable cost. An incandescent 40W bulb produces nearly 400 lumens. You can get a similar effect from one metre-long LED tape at 5 watts of power consumption.

LED tape light vs. traditional lights

As shown above, LED strip lighting needs less power to give the same bright light as others. You can expect your savings to be massive because LEDs consume 85% less energy than incandescent lighting. They are also better than Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) for using 18% less power. Besides, these modern lights run for a long, making your investment more pocket-friendly. Experts claim that the tape lights can survive for 50,000 hours. If you use them for four hours daily, you can expect them to last more than 30 years. Conversely, CFLs give up in ten years and incandescent bulbs in slightly more than a year.

Eco-friendly LED tape light

With new technologies, LED lights have become environmentally friendly also for their lower carbon footprint. They waste only about 5% of electricity and utilize 95% to produce light. Fluorescent lighting wastes 95% of energy and uses only 5-10%. That means you can expect your LED tape lights to illuminate your room like others with much less power. Suppose you buy a 24 or 25-watt white LED strip light. You can trust it to create brightness equivalent to 2 70-watt halogen bulbs. Furthermore, fluorescent lamps contain mercury and other toxic chemicals. With LED lighting, you can feel safer.

If you want to improve the overall appearance of your home on a cost-effective budget, LED strip lights can be the perfect choice. As the holiday season approaches, you can rely on them to give your house a festive feel with their colourful lighting.

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