Some Fun Indoor Activities and Games to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Some Fun Indoor Activities and Games to Keep Your Dog Entertained

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Are you stuck with your pup at home? Are you trying to think of ways to occupy your dog? Irrespective of whether you are confined at home, you can engage in fun and meaningful activities with your friend that will affect their physical health and mental health. Next time, if you are home-bound with your puppy, you should not let anything spoil the fun, but you should try out exciting activities and games that will give company to your canine friend and keep them on their toes. Listed below are some exciting games that you can try to keep your canine companion busy.

Hidden treasure

Do you know puppies have an incredible sense of smell? They have more than 45 central sensors if you compare them with humans. If you want to exercise their sense of smell, you can make a game. You need to collect a few boxes and containers and arrange them so they are upside down. Underneath one package, you can keep a dog treat, and you must encourage them to sniff. If your dog can accurately identify the container with the treat, then you should congratulate them and reward them with the particular hidden treasure. You may also use a sniffle mat to ensure you use the dog’s sense of curiosity and smell adequately.

Try obedience training

Regarding basic commands, obedience training is a perfect way to keep your dog occupied, irrespective of whether you are trying to enhance the skill or preparing them for competition. You may even buy an obedience training dumbbell, which is a very effective tool for helping you make these practice sessions entertaining under experts from Canine By Design.

Obstacle course

It is an enjoyable and easy way to use everyday household objects, and then you can make a course. Depending on your dog’s capability, you can make it difficult or simple. Then, you can use broken-down boxes to help dogs crawl through, and you can also place tables and chairs to navigate them or stack books to allow them to jump over. You can see it is a DIY dog jump course that you can make from household items. It is one of the best ways to make an obstacle and training course for your canine companion.

Why not try a cardio twist?

It is a very effective dog training game that can help you spend time with your dog. Alongside you can also prepare them for competition. It is also a straightforward game you can prepare using household objects such as chairs. You may change the pace by going from slow to fast. It will help your dog to concentrate and listen to your instruction. Changing direction is an incredible way to enhance coordination, allowing them to do a cardio workout.

Multiple meaningful activities can help your dog increase their mental and physical health. You have to make sure that you may use these activities to bond with your dog and also develop their physical and cognitive skills.

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