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Suarez Daughter Delfina Biography, Age, Net-Worth, Career in 2023


Suarez daughter Delfina is a famous celebrity kid, because she is the daughter of Luis Suarez who is an Uruguayan international footballer.  And, people love her when she appreciates and motivates his father in all matches. For that reason, I’ve prepared this biography blog of a well-known media face, internat personality from Barcelona, Spain.

Suarez  Daughter Delfina Wiki, Biography

Delfina Biography 2023 UPDATED
Full NameDelfina Suarez
Date of BirthAugust 5, 2010
Age13 years old (in 2023)
BirthplaceBarcelona, Spain
HometownBarcelona, Spain
Famous forCeleb Kid, Social Media Sensation
ResidenceMontevideo, Uruguay
Zodiac SignLeo

Known for cheering and motivating her father during live matches with her young brothers Lautaro Suárez and Benjamin Suárez, Delfina Suárez (age: 13 years old, born on August 5, 2010) is the eldest daughter of famous Uruguayan soccer player Luis Suárez. Her father was recently the focus of all media outlets when Scottish soccer player Calvin Ramsay performed with Liverpool Soccer Club.

Education and Early Life

Her father played for FC Barcelona, while Delfina Suarez was born in Barcelona, Spain. This has resulted in her holding Spanish citizenship and possessing a fusion of Uruguayan and Spanish heritage. Her parents and two younger siblings shaped her upbringing in an atmosphere of luxury, including her brother Benjamin and sister Lautaro.

A prestigious private school in Spain is where Delfina gets her education, mixing with other famous kids. Known for her intellectual prowess, she’s passionate about the arts and music and embraces knowledge eagerly. Additionally, she loves watching her father and brother play football together, cheering them on wholeheartedly.

Despite lacking information regarding Delfina Suarez’s educational background, she likely attends a private school in Spain. She speaks Spanish, English, and Catalan fluently.

Family Details of Suarez Daughter

Family Details of Suarez Daughter

In addition to her mother, Delfina Suarez’s father has the name Luiz Suarez and her mother Sofia Balbi name. Among all the football fans in the world, Luiz is one of the most famous football stars ever.

His national team is the Uruguayan national team, and his club is Atletico de Madrid. He plays the center-forward position and wears the number 9 on his jersey.

Meanwhile, her mother runs her own business. She runs several local companies, according to various sources. Delfina is Uruguayan by ethnicity. Uruguay is the country of origin of both her parents.

She has two brothers, Lautaro and Benjamin Suarez, who are younger than her. There are three children in the family, with Delfina being the eldest.

Besides Giovanna and Leticia Suarez, she has two aunts. There are two grandparents in her family: Sandra Diaz and Rodolfo Suarez.

Father NameLuis Suarez
Mother NameSofia Balbi
Brother(s)Benjamin Suarez, Lautaro Suarez
Wife/HusbandNot mention
ChildrenNot mention

Carrier Highlight

As Delfina Suarez is still a student, she still needs to have a career and is still pursuing her education. The only thing that makes her famous is that she is the daughter of Luis Suarez, one of the best strikers in the world. Several media outlets have featured her, and her father has interviewed her several times. 

There is not any pressure on her when it comes to choosing a career. Her parents give her complete freedom to decide her future. We do not have any information regarding her net worth. According to Sportskeeda, her father is worth approximately $70 million.

The truth is that, though we are unable to find out her net worth, we can safely conclude that she is a very wealthy woman. Furthermore, she has a large fan following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where she posts photos and videos of her family and lifestyle.

Age in 2023

The daughter of Luis Suarez, Delfina Suarez, was born on August 5, 2010, and was the first child to be born to her parents. In the year 2023, she will be 13 years old, as of the present time. 

Delfina was born in Barcelona, Spain, so she has had a life full of privileges and opportunities from a young age. She has often made headlines in the media because she is the eldest daughter of the renowned soccer player Luis Suárez.

Occupation and Hobbies

She is studying and pursuing her hobbies at a young age, Delfina Suarez. She has already become a rising star and a prominent celebrity kid on social media platforms. With over 200k followers, her Instagram account boasts endearing pictures and videos of herself and her family.

She has also been featured in ESPN Deportes, Hola!, and other prominent publications due to her charming presence. Magazine, as well as El Mundo Deportivo. She contributes to numerous events and functions with her family besides prestigious award ceremonies, inspiring fashion shows, and fun parties.

Delfina Interests

She lives in a luxurious Madrid mansion with her family, where they relish a life of luxury. As well as owning properties in Barcelona, Uruguay, and other countries, they also own multiple businesses. 

The jet-setting lifestyle of Delfina constantly introduces her to diverse cultures and experiences worldwide. She enjoys playing games, reading fascinating books, watching movies, and listening to music during her leisure time.

Delfina Crush & Relationship

She enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones and friends, who are extremely important to Delfina Suarez. Her academic achievements are exceptional, and she attends a private school in Spain. Every man and his dog, ask Delfina what is her relation with Dana Dokmanvoick?, but in reality there will not be any update in 2023.

Also, she shows off her diverse talents by dancing, singing, and drawing in her spare time. The lovely pictures and videos she shares of herself and her family have garnered a substantial fan base on her social media pages. More than 200k devoted followers follow her official Instagram account.

In fact, the present state of Delfina’s love life is unsettled. As a young woman, she is devoted to studying and nurturing her hobbies and shows no interest in romance. Her parents and siblings hold a deep affection for her, and she feels content and enamored with her life. A delightful personality oozes from Delfina, who projects a bright future.

The Controversial Kiss of Suazez Daughter

As part of the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris, Delfina Suarez kissed Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the son of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. This encounter was even more significant because their fathers were nominated for the award. Fans and media alike reacted quickly to the captured kiss on social media platforms.

There were significant differences in opinion regarding the kiss. As two children who grew up in similar environments and shared a common passion for football, some viewed it as an innocent display of friendship. Delfina’s father, well-known to rival Ronaldo both on and off the pitch, was perceived as disrespected and betrayed by it. Ronaldo’s kiss may have bolstered Suarez’s public profile, as speculation was swirling that it was intended to provoke the Uruguayan.

To allow Delfina to embrace her childhood without undue interference, Delfina’s parents did not address the incident publicly. There have been no sightings of Delfina and Ronaldo Jr. since then, but reports say they’re amicable, exchanging messages behind closed doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delfina Suarez’s background?

Delfina Suarez is a Uruguayan native. A professional soccer player’s father and a sports industry professional’s mother raised her in a sports-loving family. A soccer fan since a young age, Delfina has developed a passion for the game.

Does Delfina Suarez play soccer?

While Delfina Suarez has grown up in a soccer-oriented environment, she has not pursued a professional sports career. However, she has shown interest in the game and enjoys playing it casually.

Does Delfina Suarez have any siblings?

There are two siblings in Delfina Suarez’s family. Lautaro is her younger brother, while Benjamin is her older brother. The siblings have a close bond, and they often spend time together as a family.

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