The Fundamentals of the Enclosed Car Transport Method in Ohio

The Fundamentals of the Enclosed Car Transport Method in Ohio

Anyone becoming familiar with Ohio car shipping services will have learned that there are two methods for transporting vehicles. The decisions between an open transport trailer and a closed transport trailer will need to be made after selecting a car shipping service and before booking your pick-up and delivery. 

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The reason for that is open carriers are more accessible with the capacity to hold more vehicles than enclosed carriers. That can mean that you could have a better chance of getting a specified date and time. The open trailer, however, is exposed to the threats presented from the outdoors. 

An enclosed carrier is wholly protected from the outside. With this method, there’s an added layer of protection. It’s a premium service for which many auto transport companies align a “white-glove” premium plan with the trailer method. 

Typically, this carrier is reserved for luxury or expensive vehicles, vintage or rare autos, or motorcycles. Usually, with a “daily driver,” the open transport trailer is safe, secure, and efficient for shipping. 

Advantages and downsides exist for each method. Still, many people will invest the extra money for the premium choice of the enclosed method for the peace of mind that their vehicle will receive added protection, arriving safely and securely with little to no risk of damage or threats. 

What Are the Advantages of the Enclosed Trailer Transport Method 

The enclosed auto transport OH is a premium method of shipping cars most auto transport companies offer. Because it’s considered a superior service, it comes with a higher price point than the more accessible choice of open trailer transport. 

While the enclosed carriers are usually reserved for expensive or luxury cars, vintage or classic autos, or motorcycles; still, many car owners are investing in the option primarily because a vehicle is a considerable investment that people want protected. 

The enclosed carrier offers that added layer of security and safety that gives car owners peace of mind. Some car shipping services will also provide what is referred to as a “white glove transportation plan” that goes with this premium service. 

Here are potential advantages when choosing the enclosed trailer transport method with the white glove plan. 

  • Greater protection 

With enclosed carriers, vehicles are transported in an entirely closed container, providing complete protection from threats generally presented from the outdoors, preventing the potential of damage to the autos. These containers are available in two types, including the hard shell and soft shell. 

The hard shell is a rigid fiberglass, aluminum, or tin, while the soft shell is a sturdy canvas material. 

  • A small choice 

These trailers are roughly the same size as an open carrier, but because the container is closed, there’s not as much room for fitting as many cars. An open transport will usually haul as many as ten autos, while an enclosed carrier might haul eight. 

This is still seen as an advantage to many car owners since the smaller space adds to the security of their vehicles. There’s less chance of moving or shifting while the auto is in transit. 

  • The drivers 

Usually, with enclosed carriers, the cars are classic or collectible. Because these services are premium, the car shipping service employs highly qualified, well-trained drivers with extensive experience handling expensive vehicles. 

The drivers prioritize the protection and safety of the vehicles from pick-up to delivery with the objective of dropping them off in the same condition it was in when picked up. 

  • White glove transportation plan 

Enclosed transport is a premium service typically reserved for expensive or luxury cars or classic and collectible autos. Some auto transport companies will provide a white glove transport plan, a high-quality plan where the service uses the best shipping methods, equipment, and optimum customer support. 

The service has an extra charge, but it guarantees added care and attention during transit. These services include door-to-door pick-up/drop-off, a tracking system, and other personalized details. 

Final Thought 

Enclosed trailer transport and open carriers are the two methods car owners are presented when approaching an auto transport company for shipping their vehicle to a new location. Go here for a comparison of enclosed vs open trailer transport shipping methods. 

Each has its own advantages and downsides. More people are selecting the enclosed method, primarily because it offers a layer of protection and security that people want for what is a considerable investment. 

These car owners are willing to invest the extra expense of the premium service and the white glove transport plan. 

The highly qualified, well-trained drivers that work with these carriers put the best interest of the car owners and their vehicles as a priority, as do the car shipping service providers. The objective is to deliver cars with optimum efficiency without delay and damage-free.

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