There's More Than Looks When it Comes to Bull Bars

There’s More Than Looks When it Comes to Bull Bars

Have you noticed big metal bars at the vehicles’ rear or front end? They are known as the bull bars. Most car owners think that bull bars just make their vehicles look bigger and more attractive. However, there are several other reasons for equipping a car with a bull bar. 

Everything to know about bull bars

Bull bars are aluminium or steel bars attached to the front of the car’s bumper. Most commonly, they are found in off-road vehicles and SUVs. You must not confuse them with nudge bars, which are smaller and protect your car only from straight-on collisions. Moreover, bull bars are stronger than nudge bars.

Various types of bull bars

Bull bars in the market are of different types.

For instance, bumper bars provide front-end protection and act better than stock fenders. 

In case of a single hoop, it is fitted to the bumper and suspended from the car’s radiator. Some bull bars have a single hoop to maintain a weight balance and provide front-end protection.

Competition bars are intended to protect your car and allow ground clearance. Baja bars look like bumper bars that have improved chassis reinforcements. You can use them with high-power winches. The biggest and weightiest one is the triple hoop. It is a recommendable hoop if you travel in a place where animals may hit the vehicle.

What is the functional value of bull bars?

Bull bars are used not just for the aesthetics of your car. They can serve multiple purposes and provide several benefits.

Provide recovery points

Some bull bar designs are available with integrated recovery points, while others are added by car owners. As the chassis is exposed in some cases, it is easy to include points. It reduces the task of dealing with recoveries because modern chassis have complicated designs. 

Best for mounting car accessories

Bull bars of a vehicle work as the mounting rails for flags, lights, antennas, and other accessories. They are highly durable bars with a stiffer base. So, a solid bull bar will prevent accessories from falling when you drive your vehicle on rough terrain.

Protect you and your passengers

During a collision with another car, bull bars will minimise the impact. Thus, you will get a life-saving solution from using the bull bars for your car. As a vehicle owner, you should consider buying a bar.

Safeguard against animal collision

When you drive your car off-road in Australia, you may accidentally hit kangaroos. Collision against an animal may damage the front part fitted to various car components. So, you can save your cars with the right bulls bars.

Improve approach angles

You should refine your approach angle to avoid touching the terrain. You may use the original plastics of your bull bars for aesthetic purposes. 

Look for highly engineered bull bars that are compatible with your vehicle. You can buy Mitsubishi Triton bull bars at Bossco Auto Parts, which are highly durable. You will get more than aesthetic value from these bars.

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