Curly Hairstyles

Top Curly Hairstyles For Men To Style Thick, Short & Long Curls

Curly Hairstyles For Men To Style Thick, Short & Long Curls

Curly hair poses unique styling challenges for men. But the top modern curly hairstyles for men celebrate natural texture instead of fighting it. From short to long, there are so many ways that men with curly hair can style their hair. 

If your hair has a natural curly texture, there are a variety of hairstyles you can explore. You can even have fun exploring different hairstyles until you find one that best fits you. Here are some of the top curly hairstyles for men you can get inspiration from.

  1. Taper Fade + Curly Hair On Top

The taper fades gradually, shortening hair down to the skin. This contours curly hair on top, preventing a rounded silhouette.

Faded sides create a flattering contrast against the volume of curls up top. Ask your barber to cut the crown longer to encourage bounce.

  1. Textured Crop 

Textured crops chop curly hair short on top in uneven layers. This adds movement and prevents shrinkage.

The mix of lengths on top allows freedom to wear curls pushed forward or styled up. Layers remove weight for fuller volume.

  1. Curly Pompadour Or Quiff

Pompadours and quiffs style curly hair swept up and back or forward. This shows off the texture.

Use pomade to lift the front section into a curled crest. Tapered or faded sides prevent a boxy shape as volume increases on top.
  1. Slicked Back Undercut

Slick backs brush curls up and back off the face. Pair with an undercut, disconnecting sides, and crown.

This streamlined style aims to curl upward. Use pomade for shine and hold. The shorter cut sides lighten the thick curls on top.

  1. Man Bun + Taper Fade

Man buns pull long, curly hair atop the head by gathering it into a messy knot. Combining with fades streamlines the silhouette. 

This functional style keeps unruly curls contained while showing off length and texture. Ask for tapered sides to contour the shape.

  1. Shape Up + Temple Fade.

Shape-ups carve a crisp hairline across the temples and neckline. Teaming with temple fades enhances the outline.

Crisp edges keep curly hair looking intentional. Fade down to the skin near the temples for extra distinction.

  1. Loose Wavy Curls

Loose, wavy curls let coils take their natural shape. This carefree style embraces frizz and volume.

Allow curls to take complete form by air drying hair. Run fingers through to gently separate pieces after showering.
  1. Middle Part 

Middle parts work well on round head shapes by adding symmetry. The central part lets the curls coil freely.

Use this simple divide on medium to long curly hair. The focus remains on the natural texture of the spiral locks.

  1. Short Crop + Stubble 

Closely cropped cuts minimized untamed curls for all types of curly hairstyles for men. Pair with stubble facial hair for a rugged texture.

Take the sides and back down to a #1 guard. Leave slightly more length on top for curl definition.

  1. Temple Fade + Long Curly Hair

Temple fades taper hair closely near the fronts of the hairline before blending up. This defines long curly locks.

Ask for a sharp taper near the temples and sideburns. Keep the top and bangs long to encourage coil formation.

  1. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz cuts shear curls down to a consistently short length across the head. Fade down to the nape for added shape.

  1. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs hang longer wavy pieces down the center of the forehead. This softens curly hair’s texture.

Allow natural curls to cascade down as a center fringe. Tuck sides behind ears as needed.

  1. Short Twist Curls

Twist curls sculpt tight coils into defined twisted strands. This works on shorter curly hair.

Use styling balm to roll and define the curl pattern. Keep sides and back faded close.

  1. Messy Bedhead Texture 

Messy bedhead texture works with curly hair’s natural tendency toward frizz and volume.

Allow curls to dry imperfectly and gently scrunch. Embrace scattered flyaway frizz.

  1. Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers remove bulk from thick, curly hair for buoyant movement. Choppy ends encourage natural shape. 

Ask your stylist to point-cut shorter face-framing fringe with longer layers through the crown. 

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