What Are The Uses Of A Wire Rope Lubrication System

What Are The Uses Of A Wire Rope Lubrication System?

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A wire rope lubrication system increases the life of wire ropes and reduces lubrication times. The Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator was designed as a maintenance tool. It is used to lubricate the wire ropes on equipment at regular intervals, such as monthly, quarterly, or any other time frame. The manufacturer’s specifications should be used to determine the intervals for lubrication. As per experts in the field like ViperWrl, a steel wire rope lubricated periodically will last approximately six to eight times longer than one that is not lubricated. A biodegradable grease, LGTE 2, is specifically designed for Wire Rope Lubricator application. The grease is certified Ecolabel and environmentally friendly.

Lubricating wire ropes while they are in use can also help prevent corrosion. Corrosion is internal or external and can be caused by acid, alkaline water, salt air and humidity.

Why does wire rope lubricator matter?

Wire ropes will last longer and be safer if they are lubricated properly. Correctly done, it will lubricate the exterior surfaces and also the core and inner wires. Proper lubrication reduces friction when the wires are moving over each other and provides corrosion protection. It can be challenging to lubricate wire ropes. Manual lubrication using a rubber glove, brush, drip or spatula is messy and time-consuming. The environment may potentially be at danger from it.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce friction
  • Protect against corrosion
  • Allows the lubricant adhere to each wire, and penetrate into the core to provide long-lasting protection
  • Reduces manual lubrication times by 90%
  • Safety for operators is improved
  • Wire rope protection
  • Reduces waste and contamination
  • Robust design for harsh environments


  • First choice in the steel, marine or oil industry.
  • Mobile cranes include ship cranes and mobile cranes.
  • Deck winches and ship hoists
  • Open pit mining: Winding machines
  • Oil and gas rigs
  • Ropes
  • Chair lifts and ski lifts
  • Elevators
  • Drag ropes

How does the Rope Lubricator work?

The Rope Lubricator is a collar assembly with polyurethane sealings that are suited for a particular wire rope size. The assembly is secured to a fixed position by clamping it around the rope. The rope is pulled through the collar. Steel scraper plates clean the rope, removing dirt, debris, and old lubricant. They also protect seals by flattening out loose strands before applying new lubricant.

The high-pressure grease pump forces the lubricant to flow between the strands and into the core of the wire rope. The result is fully lubricated rope with minimal lubricant film on the outer strands.


Wire rope lubrication is an essential part when it comes to maintenance of wire ropes. They are also responsible for the long life of the rope. Without a proper rope lubricant a rope can become weak from wear and tear and the possibility of an accident happening increases many folds. Using rope lubrication reduces the friction, corrosion, wear-tear and corrosion of ropes. Regular and proper use of rope lubricators not only protects the ropes and elongates its life but also saves money in the form of low maintenance cost and safety benefits.

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