Why is the Space Candy Strain So Popular?

Why is the Space Candy Strain So Popular?

Hemp’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. It is more loved than marijuana because it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. In addition, according to research, the risk of addiction is low.

With the many strains on the market, keeping up with the list can be challenging. However, one popular strain on the market is Space Candy. It is loved by many because of its therapeutic benefits, flavors, and aromas.

Herein, we look at the origins of Space Candy and some of its top therapeutic benefits.

Origin of Space Candy

Space Candy from Cannaflower is a hybrid strain, packing the best of both worlds regarding flavor and recreational benefits. Its origin story isn’t well-known. However, most sources claim that it was created after crossing the Cherry Space Queen and Cotton Candy strains.

Most people love this strain because of its flavor and aromas. Upon inhalation, you will notice a burst of sweetness similar to a blend of ripe berries and tropical fruits. You will feel undertones of spice and earthiness if you have strong taste buds.

The aromas are very pleasant. You can tell freshly harvested buds without looking. A bag of fresh Space Candy buds is reminiscent of a walk inside a fruit garden during flowering.

What Are the Recreational Benefits?

Hemp products are popular for their recreational benefits. The good thing is that, as of now, there are zero cases of any harmful side effects due to the long-term use of hemp products. Space Candy does a wonderful job of boosting creativity and lifting your spirits.

This makes it the perfect strain for anyone who wants to get their day going on a high without slumping into deep euphoria. Most users say that it helped them deal with stress, anxiety, and panic disorders.

It is not the best cure for insomnia, but it can help you fall into deep sleep if you have trouble getting quality sleep.

What to Consider When Buying Space Candy Strain Buds

This is one of the most asked questions by hemp users and newbies who want to sample hemp products. Purchasing Space Candy buds or pre-rolls is easy if you know reputable weed dispensaries.

Remember, the hemp market is still new, and every day, you will come across an online weed dispensary selling edibles, pre-rolls, gummies, and tinctures. Do your research first and read reviews before placing your order. The quality of your weed depends on the source.

Check if the product comes with a certificate from a third-party lab. The tests are done to check the buds’ or pre-rolls’ cannabinoid and terpene profiles. You can also tell if the product complies with the federal or state laws on hemp use.

Don’t forget to examine the aroma and appearance. Fresh and well-cured Space Candy must have bright colors. The aromas from the buds or pre-rolls must be powerful, which is indicative of their quality and potency.

Summing Up

Choosing between indica or sativa strains can be challenging. However, if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, a hybrid strain like Space Candy is your perfect companion.

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