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Why Is Your Floss Stinky? Let’s Find out the Real Culprit!

Any oral hygiene devout knows that the secret to dental and gum health lies in brushing and one-time flossing. People must realize flossing is integral to teeth care. Floss helps dislodge food particles from corners that toothbrushes cannot reach. It also busts plaque. However, floss can become smelly sometimes, making the user wonder why it is so. It needs attention because many things can trigger such a scenario. Some may even demand urgent checkups with a dentist. To manage it better, let’s dig into the potential causes of stinky floss.

Stuck food particles

One primary and most convenient reason is the food remains in the teeth. You want to be more careful with cleaning if you eat pork, chicken, or steak. Eliminate the leftovers well to avoid foul odor. Besides them, candies and dried fruits can also lead to this problem as they get stuck to the surfaces and are stubborn. Leaving them behind means inviting troubles, such as inflamed gums and irritation. Ultimately, these can also affect your mouth and floss with a bad smell. However, it doesn’t imply safe food particles can be allowed to stay back. Even they can lead to foul odor, tooth decay, and gum disorder.

Broken filling

Dental injury or trauma can break down the filling. When flossing, the loose dental filling can be accidentally pulled up, and its particles can get stuck between the teeth’s gaps, causing the floss to become smelly. You can solve this problem by visiting your local Dublin Dental Care Ohio dental clinic. The dentist will fix or restore the filling immediately.

Gum disorder

Continuous plaque formation on teeth can irritate or inflame your gums, and it can also cause bleeding. All these smells and bleeding can trap the flossing device. Dentists say people often face tender gum issues leading to bleeding due to stress, hormonal changes, and pregnancy. Other factors include Vitamin C or K deficiency, certain medications, and harsh use of floss or brush. No matter the cause of your bleeding gums, talk to your dentist to protect your floss and breath from turning foul-smelling.

Bad breath

It is no secret that a bad smell in the mouth will cause the floss to become stinky. Usually, conditions like halitosis in people leave behind sticky build-up on their dental surfaces and a bad smell. This build-up increases the risk of the development of anaerobic bacteria, which tend to be responsible for causing stinking volatile sulfur substances. The bacteria can overgrow due to reduced saliva flow, too, exacerbating the foul breath trouble.

Visit a dental clinic if you observe a stinky whiff after flossing. Specialists can investigate the underlying problem and provide a proper solution. At the same time, maintain good oral hygiene. Clean your teeth for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste and floss them once daily. If you can manage, brush your teeth three times and floss twice daily. Someone with gum disease can benefit from water flossing more. For further help, you can enquire about these things from your local dentist.

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