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Worldwide Regulations and Differences Between Social, Sweepstakes, and Real Money Online Casinos

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Just as casinos provide myriad ways to play games, there are also varying types of casinos for different players. Some players enjoy the thrill of the game, others play to relax, and some wish to have fun during their free time. Among all the versions of casinos there are, the three most popular are:

  1. Real money casinos
  2. Social casinos
  3. Sweepstakes casinos

The special features of each are here to satisfy any player’s needs, and each complements one another. To find out which one is the best pick for you, we’ve compiled the pros, cons, and differences below.

1. Real Money Casinos

As the name implies, these are the traditional casinos we’re all accustomed to and the first image we imagine when someone says “casino”. In the US, regular brick-and-mortar casinos are heavily regulated but available. On the other side, online gambling is still a hot debate, and in most states, the only safe, legal alternatives for November remain in registered, trusted, and popular offshore casinos.

Gambling in real money casinos requires a minimal age of 21 years, which will be an important distinction for later. And, of course, the main difference between other alternatives is that you can play games with real money and earn the same while playing. Most casinos also offer welcome bonuses and promotions, making them stand out.

But, unlike real money casinos, other types lie in the legal gray area, making them provide special services due to a lack of specific regulations.

2. Social Casinos

Casinos are a social experience. Playing together, or against, other players and dealers is part of the charm and appeal. Unlike regular casinos where you bet and earn real money, in social casinos, that aspect does not exist. Social casinos offer their players a chance to enjoy casino games without the monetary part, meaning you cannot bet, nor win real money.

To play any game in a social casino, players use virtual currencies or tokens similar to those in the arcade. Some players find them a great alternative to hone their skills, practice, and try out new games without the risks involved. The legal age for playing starts at 18 years, meaning more players can get involved. Social casinos are an interesting variation of the standard casino concept, and they can still operate where real casinos can’t (apart from Washington, where they are illegal).

Social casinos rule out any monetary gains or losses, and as such, they operate in a legal gray area. The lack of money involved directly in gambling makes them eligible for not being registered as a regular casino. In the US, they fill the market gap and demand for gambling and offer a social experience where players can play and interact with each other in a more relaxed environment. To sum it up, social casinos offer:

  1. A risk-free gambling environment
  2. No monetary bets or gains
  3. The starting age limit is 18+ years
  4. More widely available

3. Sweepstakes casinos

Sweepstakes casinos are free-to-play casinos where no participation fee is required. That is their main driving factor and the difference between the aforementioned two. But, unlike other casinos, in sweepstakes casinos, you usually have two currencies with which you can play and win. The first currency, which does not hold any value but is the main token you can play with, is usually a coin of any sort.

They cannot be bought with money and thus not exchanged for it. How sweepstakes casinos got their name is their second currency, which also cannot be bought with money but can be exchanged for it, which is usually named a sweep coin. The free-to-play model is essential for the name and organization of sweepstakes casinos, and without that aspect, they cannot even register or operate. Real-money casinos usually have a demo or a tryout mode where you can play, or they give out bonuses for starting, but these are still different from sweepstakes casinos.

But unlike in other casinos, the sweeps coins are much harder to win and obtain because they are the only form of tokens exchangeable for currency. The sweepstakes casinos thus offer:

  1. Free-to-play environment
  2. 18+ years of legal age to participate
  3. Token currencies which can be exchanged for real money

Even with all these options available, where some may seem more enticing than others, exercising caution and moderation is always advised. All casino types are a great way to have fun, but as with everything in life, they should be taken in healthy amounts. Social casinos give you the feel of a real casino without monetary risks. Sweepstake casinos offer you more options to pick and adjust to your style. Regular real-money casinos are there when you wish to experience the genuine and authentic casino experience. All three are there to offer a fun and memorable experience.

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