7 Compelling Reasons to Move to Germany

7 Compelling Reasons to Move to Germany

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Over the years, Germany has become more and more popular as a destination for expats looking for a change of pace, new job opportunities, a better quality of life, or simply a new experience.

This country is brimming with exciting opportunities, amazing food and drink, stunning natural landscapes, historical wonders, and travel opportunities to boot. If you’ve been thinking about making Germany your new home, here are seven things that will twist your arm and help you finalize your decision.

Healthcare and Social Benefits

One of the most compelling things about Germany is its excellent standard of healthcare. The country operates as a universal, multi-payer healthcare system, which allows a few different options.

These include the government-regulated public healthcare which is the most common and affordable choice and is split between employers and employees. You can also opt for private health insurance which can be expensive. There is also an option that combines both models and a balance between affordability and luxury. However, make sure to research the health insurance cost in Germany so that you’re certain of your budget.

Economic Opportunities

Another major reason people move to Germany is for work opportunities, as the country is well-known for being the economic engine of the EU. There is a high demand for skilled workers in almost every industry, and job opportunities left, right, and centre.

Being a native English speaker will also get you far when it comes to the job market. There is a large amount of international companies that rely on English speakers to function. Most ex-pats in Germany also report a high rate of job stability and satisfaction, showing that they feel happy, secure, well-paid, and taken care of in their work.

Education and Research

The quality of German education is world renowned – which says enough! The schooling system is well-organized and highly accessible to students of all ages. All German states offer the same education system, and the tuition fees are designed to be affordable and accessible to all.

An important thing to note is that school attendance is compulsory for students aged six and up – home schooling is not permitted in Germany but there are plenty of good international schools for ex-pats to choose from, and some outstanding global universities too.

Culture and History

The German people are portrayed as uptight and strict human beings – but they’re easy to warm up to and very welcoming to strangers too, even though privacy is a strong value there. Despite the upright German exterior, you’ll find a compassionate community who pride themselves on taking good care of one another. Plus, the Germans really do love their beer, and they make it well. German cuisine is unique and something to look forward to experiencing.

There’s a lot more to experience there too – with such a rich history, foreigners and travellers will never run out of landmarks, landscapes, beautiful architecture, art, and carnivals to enjoy.

Public Transport

Public transport in Europe might seem like an enigma to you, but Germany’s public transport system is surprisingly easy to understand and affordable to use. German culture prioritizes cleanliness and sustainability, so there’s a huge emphasis on sustainable transport. Walking and biking are encouraged, and if you can’t manage that then using public transport is better than driving everywhere yourself.

You can make use of the S-Bahn – which is their city rail. Otherwise, you can choose between busses, trams, and regional trains to get from place to place. Most German cities are also full of designated bike lanes –  but there’s no shame in owning a car either!

Work-Life Balance

Something special about German culture is the emphasis they place on work-life balance. The people of Germany work hard but firmly believe in maintaining a healthy equilibrium. Family time and personal interests are valued highly and employers encourage their staff to prioritize their own well-being. Grind culture is frowned upon here.

This means that workers in Germany have the time and ease to enjoy their own hobbies, time with friends, and to rest in different ways. As an ex-pat, this will be great for stress management, allow you time to find community and adjust to your new life, and even allow you time to explore Europe.

High Quality of Life

Naturally, these factors will all contribute to an overall higher quality of life. The great education opportunities, booming economy, job security, and great work-life balance are only one aspect here.

Germans also enjoy a strong sense of safety and security, thanks to the low crime rates in the country, and their climate and clean environment promote a strong level of satisfaction with their immediate surroundings. Germany’s stable political climate is yet another plus factor for the social wellbeing of its citizens, who are overall sublimely happy people.

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