Advantages of Mediation - How Does It Work?

Advantages of Mediation – How Does It Work?

Divorce can cause a challenging situation in life because it leads to significant emotional turmoil for couples. However, most couples are unaware of the alternatives to standard divorce litigation and proceedings. To avoid a complicated divorce process, mediation is the best option. Divorce mediation involves negotiation between the parties about property division and other issues.

Why should you consider mediation?

Mediation is better than normal divorce litigation for several reasons:

Cost-effective and time-saving

Mediation will save you emotionally and financially. During mediation, there will be no opposing lawyers, who try to represent their clients. The mediator will act neutrally and allow couples to make a mutual agreement. It helps you avoid considerable legal charges. On the contrary, divorce litigation is a lengthy process that can continue for years. To choose the best route for your circumstances, you can consult an expert Broward County divorce lawyer.

Mediation keeps everything personal

When you are in a courthouse for divorce litigation, it will not feel personal. Furthermore, your case may not get real attention. If you have chosen a mediator, you can interact with them personally. The professional will also ensure that the divorce process will be customized to your experience. 

Protect your privacy

A divorce litigation case can become public. Your relatives and others may hear the divorce case details. It is not desirable to most couples. Thus, if you want to maintain privacy, you can consult a mediator. Your conversations with the mediator will be confidential (not under special circumstances).

Less formal

As the divorce process is complicated, you may not feel comfortable. The court system is too formal, and you will feel stressed. You will also have concerns about what to say in front of the jury. You may avoid these things easily during mediation.

Protect your children’s interests

Divorce litigation becomes more time-consuming if it involves children. So, you can consider a non-contentious and non-litigious way to manage the divorce case. Mediation also helps you save your children from emotional damage.

Explaining the process:

The mediator needs to clarify the basics of the mediation process. You should also inform them about your background details, the duration of your marital life, any children, and your contact details.

A clear presentation of the facts will help you negotiate the issues. Divorcing couples have to address:

  • Marital property division
  • Child custody
  • Alimony

The third step is about outlining the interests and needs of the spouse. In case of the overlapping interests of the spouse, there will be an easy settlement. Some mediators conduct this process separately for every spouse. 

Negotiations start with an assessment of the potential ways to settle every divorce-related issue. The mediator will help you analyze the options until there are solutions. Negotiation is a problem-solving process, which is highly advantageous for couples. After finding the solution, you have to sign an agreement.

Thus, mediation is a more affordable uncontested divorce, and you can consider it to end your marital relationship. Look for a lawyer to know if you should choose mediation.

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