How to Untimeout Someone on Discord

How to Untimeout Someone on Discord: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever moderated a Discord server, you might be familiar with the concept of timeouts. Timeouts are temporary restrictions placed on users who have violated server rules or norms. However, situations may arise where you need to untimeout someone on Discord. Now, we’ll walk you through the process of how to untimeout someone on Discord.

What is a Timeout on Discord?

A timeout on Discord refers to a temporary suspension from participating in a server’s activities. It’s usually a result of breaking server rules, spamming, or engaging in disruptive behavior.

How Does Timeout Work?

When a user is timed out, they lose the ability to send messages, react to messages, or interact with voice channels for a specific duration. The duration of the timeout can vary depending on the server’s settings.

Why Would You Want to Untimeout Someone?

Untimeouting someone might be necessary when a timeout was applied mistakenly, or after a misunderstanding has been resolved. It’s also a way to show flexibility and understanding, giving individuals a chance to re-engage without a prolonged interruption.

How to Untimeout Someone on Discord: A Step-by-Step Guide

Untimeout someone on Discord to restore their ability to interact in the server. Follow these simple steps:

Step # 1: Access Server Settings

Log in to Discord and navigate to the server where the timeout occurred. Click on the server name to open the server drop-down menu. Select “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Step # 2: Manage Bans and Timeout

In the Server Settings, click on “Moderation” in the left sidebar. Under “Bans and Timeout,” you will find the list of users who are timed out. Locate and click on the username of the person you want to untimeout.

Step # 3: Remove Timeout

A new window will open with the user’s details and timeout information. Click on the “Revoke Timeout” or similar button, depending on your Discord version. Confirm the action in the prompt to remove the timeout.

Step # 4: Communicate

After removing the timeout, it’s a good practice to communicate with the user. Send them a private message explaining the situation and reminding them of the community guidelines. Encourage positive behavior and respectful communication moving forward.

Best Practices for Handling Timeouts

  • Setting Clear Rules

Clearly define the server rules to prevent misunderstandings that could lead to timeouts in the first place.

  • Communicating Effectively

Maintain open communication with users who have been timed out. Explain the reason for the timeout and provide guidance on avoiding similar issues in the future.

  • Being Fair and Consistent

Apply timeouts and other disciplinary actions fairly and consistently to create a healthy and respectful community.

How to fix Discord timeout not working?

If you encounter difficulties while applying timeouts on Discord, especially with a newer feature, there might be cases where the user you’re attempting to timeout already holds admin or moderator privileges, complete with all permissions granted.

In such situations, a solution could involve the following steps: first, remove the admin or moderator roles from the user, and subsequently assign them a timeout. This sequence can potentially resolve any issues pertaining to timeouts not functioning as intended within your Discord server.

Should this approach not yield the desired results and you find yourself grappling with a specific user-related challenge, there are alternative methods that could prove useful. These methods become particularly relevant when you’re unable to utilize banning or kicking functionalities, or if your server is publicly accessible, allowing users to rejoin.

Here’s what you can do: establish a role with all permissions deactivated, then access advanced permission settings to disable both the “send message” and “speak” options. Consequently, you can allocate this customized role to the users you wish to suspend or impose a timeout upon.

How to Remove Timeout Users on Discord?

For mobile devices, the process to lift a timeout involves a press-and-hold action on the user’s avatar. This action triggers the user’s profile display, where you’ll find the option “Remove Timeout.” By selecting this option and confirming the deletion, the timeout can be successfully revoked.

For moderators and administrators, a slightly different approach is available. By right-clicking on the user’s name, a context menu for their profile appears. Within this menu, moderators have the ability to choose the “Delete Timeout” option. Confirming this action completes the process of removing the timeout for that user.

This informative article aims to assist in learning the steps involved in timing out users on Discord, along with insights into the new Discord timeout feature. It’s noteworthy that server owners, administrators, and moderators possess the capability to access a list of individuals who have been timed out. Moreover, when a member experiences a timeout, they will receive a notification message alerting them to this action.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a timeout be permanent?

No, timeouts on Discord are temporary suspensions. They have a set duration and will automatically expire.

2. Can I untimeout someone if I’m not an admin?

Yes, if you have the appropriate permissions within the server, you can untimeout a user even if you’re not an admin.

3. What if the user continues the same behavior after being untimed out?

If a user persists in violating server rules, further actions may be taken, including longer timeouts or permanent bans.

4. How can I prevent accidental timeouts?

Server admins should double-check before applying timeouts to ensure they are targeting the correct user and have valid reasons.

5. Can a user appeal a timeout?

Yes, users can appeal timeouts by contacting server moderators or admins and providing their perspective on the situation.


Untimeouting someone on Discord is a straightforward process that promotes healthy communication and community engagement. By following the step-by-step guide of how to untimeout someone on Discord here, you can efficiently manage timeouts and create a positive environment for all users. Remember to communicate openly, uphold community guidelines, and foster a respectful atmosphere. Keep the channels of communication open to prevent misunderstandings and promote a thriving Discord community.

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