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Max Helm Rape Case With Updated Biography in 2023


I know many people take interest in Max Helm, when they was shooted, due to accused of raping 17-years old girl. And, he left her bleeding on the ground in August 2021 by news reports. 

So, if you’re interested in him, then I’ll share a brief biography of Max Helm, his career, age, rape case, parents, siblings, worth, height, and net worth, among other things. I would like to briefly review his profile before proceeding.

Max Helm Wiki, Biography

Max Helm Biography 2023 UPDATED
Full NameMax Helm
Date of Birth8th January 1997
Age26 years
Zodiac signCapricorns
EducationUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
Weight63 kg
FatherThomas Helm
ChildrenSkylar Jessie Jackson
NationalityUnited States of America
MotherMelissa Helm
Net worth $10000 – $50000

Exact Rape Case of Max Helm

A 17-year-old girl was accused of raping Max on the 24th of August 2021 and leaving her bleeding on the ground. At around 11:00 AM on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, this incident occurred at a party conducted by the Fiji Fraternity.

In this case, Max Helm is accused of raping his victim, beating her up, and evicting her from her home. The seventeen-year-old victim of his crime was fortunate enough to be saved by a passing girl who noticed her and brought her to a local hospital.

A protest was held against the rapist and the entire Fiji Fraternity at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on the 25th of August 2021 due to the news of the incident breaking out.

Approximately eight hours after the rape of Max Helm, another student was raped. In 2017, Max was also identified as a member of the Fiji Fraternity who raped a different girl.

Despite the rape victim demanding justice, there have been no criminal proceedings against him despite this being a significant crime. Nonetheless, Max’s suspension from the University was imposed by its management. 

Lincoln Nebraska Case

The Fiji fraternity at Nebraska Lincoln University is also known as Phi Gama Delta Fraternity. There is a member of Fiji named Max Helm. A charge of sexual assault and rape has been brought against Max Helm. He allegedly molested a female student at a fraternity party.

Also, this shocking news spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, leading to protests. The fraternity grounds were crowded with thousands of students protesting against his actions.

There was a great deal of shouting and carrying of play cards against Max Helm. They requested that the university seal the fraternity. Max Helm Fiji’s net worth has been reviewed according to the latest information.

In addition to 144 operative divisions and ten dominions, Phi Gamma Delta is also known as Fiji. Canadian and American facilities are located in these countries.

The case was about the integrity of the fraternity since Max Helm was a member of Fiji. An action of this nature is disgraceful to the entire fraternity. It was necessary to punish the culprit according to the law to restore the reputation of this group. In providing justice to the victim, Protestants played a decisive role.

Max Helm Triumphs and Challenges

Show Max’s determination and resilience in overcoming challenges along his journey. Encourage readers to persevere in their pursuits by sharing his triumphs and lessons learned.

Helm’s extraordinary story is a captivating combination of triumphs and challenges. Max has experienced great triumphs throughout his adventures in Fiji and beyond. Each triumph was a testament to his perseverance and determination, whether he was achieving personal goals or overcoming obstacles.

In addition to these triumphs, Max had to overcome several challenges. As a result of these challenges, he developed his strength and pushed himself beyond his comfort zone, resulting in the remarkable person he is today.

Max Helm’s transformation story is embracing life’s ups and downs and persevering through both triumphs and challenges.

Max Helm Early Life Biography 

Max Helm experienced a great deal of adventure and discovery during his early years. Max’s curiosity was ignited by the breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear waters of Fiji, where he grew up.

His exposure to the vibrant culture and traditions of the islands allowed him to develop deep connections with the local communities. As a child, Max developed a love of nature, an understanding of other cultures, and a thirst for exploration that would inspire his extraordinary journey.

Follow Max’s journey as he embarks on a global adventure outside his comfort zone. Max’s passion for exploration drives him to brave treacherous terrains, scale mountains, and push his limits. We will reveal more intriguing details about Max Helm’s early life in the coming weeks.

Max Helm Education 

In the Nebraska neighborhood, Max Helm attended and graduated from local elementary and high school schools. 

In 2021, he was accused of raping a seventeen-year-old girl after completing a four-year degree at the prestigious University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His academic record has been suspended at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Max Helm Career 

As we have already mentioned, Max is a Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity member, also known as Fiji Fraternity. Max’s work since leaving the prestigious University of Nebraska-Lincoln is unknown, and we have yet to learn what he does today. 

Max Helm’s current address is his residence

According to reports, Thomas Helm and Melissa Helm, Max Helm’s parents, moved him and the three of them to Mexico so that Max Helm would not be forced to face the consequences of his actions. The answer is yes; Max lived with his parents in Mexico most of his life. 

Max Helm Age, Birthday, Nationality

Max was 26 years old at the time. The zodiac or birth sign of Capricorn belongs to him since he celebrates his birthday on the 8th of January. 

His hair and eyes are blonde and brown, and he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Consequently, he and his parents followed the Christian faith. 

Max Helm Height, Weight 

There are five feet three inches between Max and the ground. His height is 1600 millimeters, and he is 1.6 meters tall. His shoe size at the time was seven, and he weighed 63 kilograms or 138 pounds side by side. 

Max Helm’s Parents, Siblings 

Max’s father’s name is Thomas Helm rather than Melissa Helm, the name of Max’s mother. However, no information was available at the time as to whether Max had siblings. 

Facts about Max Helm

  • Max Helm assaulted a female student during the fraternity’s activities at the university. There has been a history of similar incidents. The case was also brought against Max Helm based on allegations of sexual assault. His suspension was not highlighted then, and there was not much outcry. However, this time is different.
  • There was also a sexual assault case against him in 2017. Social media spread the news nationwide, so thousands of protestors gathered. Fraternity members harassed Protestants to close the case.
  • It is not yet known who the victim is, and it remains a secret. An ambulance is dispatched to take her to the nearest hospital. Only the victim’s age is given as the complete information. She is still a minor and only 17 years old. She hides her identity to protect herself.
  • Due to the huge amount of attention this case has received, the fraternity has been suspended and is also under trial. Protesters should shut down Fiji. Almost 280,302 people have already signed a petition against the fraternity, and many more are ready to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Max Helm Now?

Max hasn’t been mentioned on the internet since the incident. He’s nowhere to be found now, and we need to know what he’s doing.

Who is Max Helm?

The talented musician Max Helm is well known for the soulful vocals he sings and his fantastic guitar skills.

Who are Max Helm’s parents?

Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm are his parents. His early education and siblings have remained hidden from public view.

What genre of music does Max Helm specialize in?

Designed with folk, rock, and blues elements, Max Helm’s music creates an enchanting and unique sound combining elements of all three genres.

Where can I listen to Max Helm’s music?

In addition to Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, Max Helm’s music can be found on other popular streaming platforms.

Does Max Helm perform live concerts?

Yes, absolutely! Keep an eye out for Max Helm’s upcoming shows near you, as the artist regularly performs in various venues and music festivals throughout the year.

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