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Michaella Mccollum Net Worth, Biography, After Arrest Life in 2023

Who is Michaella Mccollum? All You Need to Know her Personal Life or After Arrest life

Michaella Mccollum is a model, media personality, and businesswoman from Ireland. After being caught trying to smuggle cocaine out of Peru in 2013, she became famous. In fact, the businesswoman and media personality has turned her life around since then. This article briefly overviews her biography, age, height, income, and net worth.

Michaella Mccollum Biography

The 10th of July 1996 was the date of Michaella McCollum Connolly’s birth. The year 2023 will mark her 28th birthday. The presence of drugs, gambling, and threats in her family’s life haunted Michaella McCollum in Northern Ireland, where she was raised amid the challenges of a troubled childhood.

Full NameMichaella McCollum Connolly
Birth PlaceDungannon, Northern Ireland
Date of BirthJuly 10, 1994
Age28 years IN 2023
Zodiac SignTaurus
Popular AsWriter, Social Media Influencer, Author, Model
HometownDungannon, Northern Ireland
Nick NamePeru Two
Collage Belfast University
FatherNot Mention 
MotherNot Mention
Net worth $250K-300K

In addition, she bravely faced the challenges of an abusive relationship. With her one-way ticket to Ibiza purchased at 19, Michaella took a decisive step towards freedom and embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

A dancer and waitress, she found work in Ibiza. An offer from a young man for $ 5,000 was made to her over time to smuggle drugs across the border. As she was on her way to Spain, things went south when she was arrested and incarcerated.

She made the most of her life after her release in 2016. The Irish woman continued her academic pursuits after completing her psychology and sociology studies with an A-level in Spanish.

Aspiring to study international business management at an elite university in Great Britain, she subsequently applied and was accepted. Her reputation as one of the Peru Two led to her being turned down. Her dream was to attend Belfast University.

The Family Of Michaella McCollum

Samantha, Michaella’s sister, and Keith, her brother, shared many childhood memories with her. Two children have been born to Samantha and Keith since they married in 2018.

Raphael and Rio McCollum were born to Michaella McCollum on May 8, 2018. Rio Addison made his grand entrance 13 minutes later at 11.01 pm, just 13 minutes after Raphael Genie.

During an Instagram Live broadcast, McCollum shared that she is raising her sons alone since their father does not actively participate in their lives. However, she is determined and strong enough to meet the challenge.

How did their names come about? The dream of Rafael Nadal, a renowned Spanish tennis player, inspired Raphael. As a result, Rio proved to be the perfect match for creating a harmonious duo.

McCollum is confident in raising her boys independently despite the challenges of being a single mother. According to Michaella, the twins’ father was not named on their birth certificate, so their father’s identity remains unknown.

Michaella has kept the identity of the father of her children and her romantic relationships private. Although there have been rumors about her sweetheart at various times, she has maintained a private relationship with him. Her children are of the utmost importance to the social media influencer.

Michaella Mccollum’s Net Worth

A former participant in the infamous Peru Two drug smuggling case, Michaella McCollum has transformed her life and achieved a financial renaissance. The current estimated net worth of Michaella McCollum is $500,000.

Financial Restructuring

Michaella McCollum embarked on various entrepreneurial endeavors to reconstruct her life. With her elevated profile, she leveraged her tale of redemption and personal growth to write a book about her experiences.

Aside from documenting her progress and engaging with her followers on social media, she also used social media to document her progress. In addition to partnerships with brands, she created sponsored content through her digital presence, and her financial resurgence directly resulted from that.

Michaella Mccollum Net Worth Netflix

The Netflix deal for Michaella Mccollum was announced recently. A documentary series about Michaella McCollum. Also, a documentary about her life in prison after being found guilty of drug trafficking, High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule, aired on BBC last year and is now available globally on Netflix. Despite the lack of information on Michaelaella Mccollum’s Net Worth on Netflix, her docuseries “High” became a hit in almost every country after it was released on Netflix, including South Africa, Canada, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, and Romania.

Michaella Mccollum’s Lifestyle

The luxurious lifestyle of Mccollum is well known. It is not uncommon for her to wear designer clothing and travel to exotic locations. In addition to high-end restaurants and events, she has been photographed at several. Her extravagant lifestyle is often documented on social media as well.

Known for her work as an Irish model, reality star, and businesswoman, Michaella McCollum has earned a great deal of success. Her net worth is estimated at $500K. She is 27 years old. Luxury is her passion; she often travels to exotic locations, wears designer clothing, and attends high-end events.

Michaella McCollum’s Career

Michaella McCollum is a TV presenter, author, and businesswoman who was once a Northern Irish drug mule. Michaella began embracing her realities after her sentence. As a prison beauty technician, she gained a great deal of knowledge.

Her experiences have led to the writing of her book, “No Turning Back: My Story,” as well as appearances on several television programs, including “This Morning” and “Loose Women.” In addition, she started her own company, McCollum Media, a social media marketing company.

McCollum will present a new crime series for BBC Three starting in 2023. This series explores drug trafficking and the people involved in it in an upcoming season titled The Real Narcos.

Netflix’s best-selling documentary, “High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule,” is about Michaella’s drug addiction. A BBC Three broadcast about a decade ago, the show was widely acclaimed worldwide.

Michaella Mccollum Wiki, Early Life, and Background

Her birthday is August 23, 1993, and she was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. In Dungannon, she attended St. Patrick’s Academy after growing up in a working-class family. Moreover, a nightclub hostess and model, she began working after completing her studies.

Michaella Mccollum Arrest and Imprisonment

When McCollum and her friend Melissa Reid attempted to transport 11 kg of cocaine from Lima, Peru, they were arrested at the Jorge Chavez International Airport. A criminal gang forced the pair, who traveled on British passports, to carry drugs. Up to 15 years in prison could be handed down to them if convicted of drug trafficking.

They were dubbed the Peru Two after their arrest and subsequent trial, and they were sentenced to prison in December 2013, six years and eight months after they pleaded guilty to charges against them.

They shared a cell with other prisoners in the Virgen de Fatima prison in Lima. It took them more than half their sentence to complete their prison sentences, and in 2016, they were released.

Life After Prison

After being released from prison, McCollum began rebuilding her life. Her professions include waitressing and modeling since she returned to Northern Ireland. She spoke about her experiences in prison and life after her release in an interview with the Irish Sunday World in 2017.

Michaella Mccollum Book

Then, in 2019, McCollum penned a book called “You’ll Never See Daylight Again,” which chronicles how she went through the experience of being arrested, incarcerated, and released within those few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Michaella McCollum?

Michaella McCollum is a former Northern Irish drug mule who gained international notoriety after being arrested in 2013 for attempting to smuggle drugs out of Peru.

What was Michaella McCollum arrested for?

Michaella McCollum was arrested for attempting to smuggle 11 kg of cocaine out of Peru along with another British national, Melissa Reid.

When did Michaella McCollum get arrested?

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid were arrested on August 6, 2013, at Lima Airport in Peru while trying to board a flight to Madrid, Spain.

How long was Michaella McCollum imprisoned?

After pleading guilty, Michaella McCollum was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison in December 2013. However, she was released on parole in March 2016 after serving less than half her sentence.

What happened to Michaella McCollum after her release?

After her release, Michaella McCollum returned to Northern Ireland and has been trying to rebuild her life. She has appeared in various media interviews, telling her story and discussing her experiences in prison.

Did Michaella McCollum express remorse for her actions?

Yes, Michaella McCollum has publicly expressed remorse for her involvement in drug smuggling. She has acknowledged her mistake and the negative consequences of her actions.

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