Portable Saunas

Portable Saunas: Bringing the Spa Experience to Your Living Room

Portable infrared saunas are compact units that can be conveniently set up in your living room, bedroom, or any space where you want to create a peaceful sanctuary. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas don’t rely on steam to heat up the air. Instead, they use infrared light waves that penetrate your skin and gently raise your core body temperature, inducing a deep sweat and releasing toxins. The compact size of portable saunas means they take up very little space – just a corner of a room is all you need.

Choosing the Ideal Location

After you see available products for your home, it’s time to choose where to put your portable sauna in your home. The main considerations are space, privacy, and proximity to a power outlet. The sauna will need a dedicated electrical outlet nearby to plug into. Many people find the living room is ideal, as it tends to be more spacious and open. You’ll want enough space to fully recline or stretch out comfortably inside the sauna. Placing it next to a couch or lounge chair works well, allowing you to relax before and after your sauna session. For privacy, consider setting up a folding screen or curtain to change clothing. The sauna generates quite a bit of sweat, so proximity to a bathroom is also useful.

Preparing for Your Session

Preparing for your at-home sauna experience is simple. Be sure to hydrate well in advance. Bring a towel into the sauna to absorb sweat and sit or lie on. You may also want to bring in water to sip and a misting spray bottle to spritz your skin if you get overheated. Set the timer for 10-30 minutes – start slow if new to saunas. The optimal infrared wavelength for saunas is between 700-1000 nanometers, which most portable models offer. This provides the deepest tissue penetration for maximum detox benefits.

After Your Session 

After your sauna session, you might want to cool down gradually before jumping into a cold shower, especially if you have a heart condition. Give your body time to readjust to normal temperatures. Some people like to use their portable sauna every day, while others do it a few times per week. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it when starting out.

Benefits of At-Home Sauna Therapy

With a portable infrared sauna in your home, the benefits of sauna therapy are available anytime. Detoxify your body, ease sore muscles, reduce stress, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. Bring the spa experience right to your living room and give yourself the gift of therapeutic self-care.

Consider making a portable sauna part of your path to better health and happiness. There are many affordable options to fit your space and needs. Transform any area of your home into a relaxing sanctuary. Schedule in solo sauna sessions as time for yourself amidst the obligations of daily life. Adopting small wellness habits can have a profoundly positive impact. With regular use, a home sauna may become your favorite room for recharging your spirit.  

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