Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Love in Long-Distance Relationships

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Valentine’s Day is the Day when couples expect to celebrate it together and celebrate their love for each other. It’s not weird if couples want to get together on this Day as it is dedicated to love. But, being miles apart can take a toll on both couples, which is quite hard. Without any hinge, it is the toughest challenge a relationship can face as it can give birth to new possibilities along with a longing to hug each other and grab both of your favorite dishes from your favorite fast food joint, playing your Spotify playlist songs.

Sometimes, the longing turns into stubbornness when you just want your partner to be with you. But it’s not always possible to get what you want then and there. In this article, we curated ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love if he/she is living in another part of the world.

1.     Send them some beautiful gifts

Gifting is a way to showcase your love and your thoughtfulness towards a person. Though it’s agreed that a gift is not everything, it can surely make a person happy no matter the price. You can send them something that they’ve been eyeing to get for a long time but can’t for various reasons, or you can also gift something that you want them to have. Choosing can be difficult, but you can always opt for online sites to curate a gift package. There are lots of options for luxury gifts under $100. Like a good watch, a good bag, scented candles, crystals to send positivity, etc.

2.     Customized bracelet

Thoughtfulness is something that your loved one will embrace in you, and that’s what makes love stronger. Gifting your loved one a beautiful embedded bracelet or a bracelet with resin art saves your roses beautifully. Or a bracelet with a love lock keeps your partner’s photo safe. Recently, a trending bracelet is a sensor-used bracelet that comes with switches on the bracelet and is specially curated for long-distance couples. If you click the switch, your partner’s bracelet will vibrate, which means you miss them. Isn’t it beautiful? You can also gift them a couple-themed bracelet, which is a matching bracelet.

3.     Craft a virtual date night

A date night is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and if your partner is living miles away, a virtual date night will set up the mood for that Day. You can make or order a food that you both love. Light up some candles to make it look and present it romantically. Talk and share your feelings on a video call while you both tune into your favorite song and while you enjoy your food. This sounds beautiful, as always, and is something you can consider doing.

4.     Plan a trip together

What will you do if you long to meet with your partner in real life? Then, if possible, you can plan a trip together to spend some quality time with your person. Make a spreadsheet and start planning a trip right before Valentine arrives so you can get along on the trip on Valentine’s Day. From flight deals to hotels and costs, everything should be sorted when you want to plan your trip. That’s like the best doable Valentine’s Day plan where you can even spend it with them in real life.

5.     Stream a movie or a TV show that you both love

The best plan that can never go wrong is planning a virtual movie night with your love. Stream a movie or a TV show that you both love and watch together, which can uplift both of your moods. You can watch or stream Netflix on Teleparty on Chrome extension or Discord and enjoy it with your partner. You can also see each other via video call option and feel reactions while watching the movie, which is amazing. So grab your favorite snacks before indulging in it. Later, you can also stream some music and vibe in with it.

Final Thoughts

There are some great ideas that you can put into use and spend your Valentine’s Day with your partner. Isn’t it great how you can also spend a Valentine’s Day being apart? Hopefully, the time will pass, and you can meet with your partner soon. Hopefully, this article was relevant and informative. Drop down your valuable thoughts below.

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