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Wack 100 Wiki, Age, NetWorth, and Fight – Full Biography 


American Wack 100 is a famous Hip-Hop rapper and the most enormous face of the Music industry. Wack 100 Instagram posts admit he’s the managing director of several famous rappers, including The Game, Blueface, and Ray Joy. 

People love his hip-hop record labels, that makes him the most prominent music record executive. But still, if you’re unfamiliar with Wack 100 wiki or personal biography, look over this detailed blog.

Who is Wack 100?

In addition to being a famous rapper and celebrity manager, Wack 100 is an entrepreneur, business executive, and business executive based in Pacoima, California. Among his many accomplishments is managing well-known rappers and singers in the country, including Blueface, The Game, Ray J, etc.

The net worth of Wack 100 in 2023 is $3 million US, making him one of the world’s most well-known music executives, celebrity managers, and entrepreneurs. 

Over more than 20 years in the music industry, he built a hip-hop empire for himself. The Game, Blueface, and Ray J are some of the most famous artists managed by Wack 100.

WACK 100 Biography 2023 UPDATED
Full NameDinero/Cash Jones
Nickname Wack 100
Profession Entrepreneur, rapper, celebrity manager, music record executive 
Age45 years old (as of March 2023)
Date of birth 7 April 1978 
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight 
Zodiac signAries
HometownPacoima, California, USA 
Height in centimeters170
Current residence Los Angeles, California, USA
  Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Black
SiblingsOne Sister only
Children Two (Prince Jones, Devyn Jones) 
Marital status Married(married over 27 years) 
Wife Kimberly Jones
School Booker T. Washington
Weight in kilograms80
Weight in pounds 176
High School University University of Houston 
NationalityUnited States of America
Ethnicity African-American 
Net worth $3 million – $5 million

Additionally, he organized several seminars and events as a celebrity manager. Besides working with well-known rappers, he has also worked with several other groups. Sources confirmed his membership in Piru Blood in Los Angeles. 

Plus, he has amassed a substantial fan base within the American hip-hop field. As a result of his profession, he became involved in numerous controversies.

Aside from hosting and coordinating events, Wack 100 also serves as a celebrity manager. Several sources say that Wack was a member of the Los Angeles band Piru Blood. Throughout his career, he has worked with several artists, which has played a significant role in helping him gain an even more excellent reputation as a musician.

As a result of his accomplishments as a music executive, the American music executive has developed a substantial fan following throughout the country’s hip-hop scene. Despite his great success, he also encountered several controversies in his life. 

Also, a heated argument on the social media app ‘Clubhouse’ between rappers 6ix9ine and 21 Savage in August 2021 led to Wack 100 getting into the headlines. Here is a list of Wack 100’s Wikipedia, Birthday, Age, Biography, Net Worth, Profession, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, Children, and Trivia.

Early Life of Wack 100

Cash Jones was born Wack 100 on the 7th of April 1978 in Pacoima, California. He lived in the Calliope Projects with an African family as a child. Wack hasn’t disclosed any information about his parents or siblings and is entirely private about his personal life.

In addition to often visiting his parents in California and New Orleans, he experienced a divorce when he was a teenager. Moreover, the Pacoima Piru Bloods gang is formed by members of the hip-hop scene he became interested in as a teenager.

Being an adult, he could be tried in a state prison instead of just a juvenile detention center by the time he reached 18 years old. When Wack was 22 years old, he returned home after spending around four and a half years in prison. Afterward, he promised never to leave his son again.

Wack 100 Age, Parents, Nationality

On Friday, April 7, 1978, Cash Jones (Wack 100) was born to his parents in Pacoima, California, USA. His parents were African Americans, and he practices Christianity.

Based on his birth date (as of 2023), Wack 100 is 45 years old. According to sources, Wack was born with the name ‘Cash Jones.’ He has a mixed ethnic background and is of African descent. Having grown up listening to hip-hop, Wack is an ardent fan of the genre.

A few years after completing his higher education, he started working in hip-hop. To build strong industry connections, he put in a lot of effort. Today, he is one of the best-known celebrity managers and business executives. However, he does not give the media the names of his parents or siblings.

Wack 100 Wife & Marriage

His wife and children live in Los Angeles, California, where Wack 100 lives a happy, lavish life. During his marriage, Wack 100 was married to Kimberly Jones.

There has been a 27-year marriage between the couple. Prince and Devin Jones (sons) and Devin Jones (daughter) are the proud parents of their children.He and his family were featured in numerous pictures on his wife’s social media accounts.

You set the tone for everything you do. As the head of the household, men are constantly under pressure to protect and provide for their families. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Plus, the most enjoyable part of Cash Jones’ life is spending time with his family and children. His birthday experiences have also been documented online, as he has written about them. With the help of his family members, Wack 100 enjoys traveling to new places with his friends.

Wack 100 NetWorth

According to estimates, Wack 100’s net worth is approximately $3 million as of 2023. Moreover, the rapper has attracted several controversies throughout his career, but he has accumulated a decent amount of wealth. His primary income source is being a music executive and manager of several famous rappers. 

Also, the musician has carved out a place in the industry through his dedication. As with other celebrities, Wack 100 also enjoys luxury cars and jewelry. An estimated $745,00 worth of black Rolls Royce Ghost is the car he owns. In addition, he bought a Range Rover Sport and several other cars. Approximately $700k is Wack 100’s annual income.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

A Wack 100 stands at a height of 5 ‘7” and weighs 186 pounds approx., which is approximately 85 kg or 185 pounds of weight. As far as the eye color is concerned, it is black, and the hair color is dark brown.

Career of Wack 100

The entrepreneurial journey of Wack 100 began after he worked for many years in the hip-hop industry, where he collaborated with a famous personality named Birdman and co-founded the company Cash Money Records. 

Afterward, they worked together again to form Cash Money West, a division for the West Coast on the East Coast, known as Cash Money East. By showing his expertise in the music industry, Wack has gained the attention and respect of many artists in the industry and has established himself as one of the best music executives in the industry. 

His career peaked when he signed a contract with Universal Music Group, which gave him a whopping $20 million development budget to nurture the next generation of rising artists. 

Plus, the Game and the Blueface were among his first clients. Blueface and The Game have been highly successful following their association with Wack 100. However, Wack 100 has become a controversial figure because of some of his words and statements, no matter how revered and respected he is for his work in the music industry. 

As a result of Nipsey Hussle’s death, Wack made a controversial statement, saying he wasn’t a true legend since he wasn’t around long enough to leave a legacy. Several hip-hop community members criticized him for this statement because it appeared too sensitive.

Wack 100 Fight Story

A heated argument between Wack 100 and 21 Savage and 6ix9ine happened on Clubhouse’s social media platform on August 5, 2021.

A recording of the fight was shared as part of Akademiks’ social media campaign.

As the skirmish began earlier in that week, 21 Savage accused Wack of being “lame” for making an appearance on another Akademiks podcast, Off The Record, with 6ix9ine earlier in the week.

Twenty-one responded to 6ix9ine, “If I were to describe you in a single word, I would describe you as lame.

The terminology between you guys is slightly different, so when you say ‘lame,’ what do you mean?” Wack asked.

Twenty-one replied, “I disagree with that.”. Gangstas and rats never agree on anything. The rightness of a n—a doesn’t matter to me.”

Wack’s threats of violence heated the conversation.

“I always have a great relationship with you, 21 respectfully,” Wack 100 said.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wack 100?

Wack 100, whose real name is Cash Jones, is a music manager, record executive, and entrepreneur. He is best known for managing prominent hip-hop artists like The Game and Blueface.

What is Wack 100’s background in the music industry?

Wack 100 has been involved in the music industry for over two decades. He started as a road manager for various West Coast artists and eventually transitioned into managing and executive producing projects for artists like The Game.

What are some notable artists Wack 100 has worked with?

Wack 100 has worked closely with several notable artists. Some artists he has managed or collaborated with include The Game, Blueface, Ray J, and DJ Khaled.

What is Wack 100’s role in the music industry?

A: Wack 100 plays multiple roles in the music industry. He is primarily known as a manager for hip-hop artists, handling their career strategies and overseeing their projects. Additionally, he has also worked as a record executive, guiding in the areas of marketing and promotion.

How did Wack 100 become well-known in the industry?

Wack 100 gained recognition in the music industry by successfully managing The Game. The Game’s debut album, “The Documentary,” achieved significant commercial success and helped establish Wack 100’s reputation as a successful manager.

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