Wholesale Joint Tubes

Wholesale Joint Tubes – A Comprehensive Overview

While many cannabis consumers still handcraft their joints and blunts, pre-roll tubes have become a staple of the industry. This packaging option offers superior protection, discretion, and freshness.

Available in various sizes from 98mm to 116mm, these tubes meet compliance laws for businesses while also providing consumer convenience. Introducing these tubes to your business can take it to the next level and elevate customer experiences.


If you’re a business owner in the cannabis industry, purchasing wholesale joint tubes in bulk is a great way to save money and time. Buying in bulk allows you to take advantage of discounted pricing and avoid multiple shipping and handling fees. Purchasing your wholesale joint tubes directly from the manufacturer ensures that your products are safe and secure. This means you won’t have to worry about your J-tubes getting broken in transit like they often do when bought from third parties.

Wholesale joint tubes come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to fit multiple pre-roll lengths. Some popular styles include 98mm and 116mm, ideal for small to medium-sized joints. These types of weed containers are also airtight, meaning that your pre-rolls will stay fresh and odor-free until you’re ready to smoke them.

Some of the best plastic pre-roll tubes are also recyclable, making them a green option for your business. They can be recycled at facilities that accept polypropylene, which will help reduce the amount of trash in landfills.

Many companies will customize their plastic weed containers with their logo or other design elements, making them a powerful marketing tool. Custom printing lets you showcase your brand’s image and identity to your customers while attracting potential new customers.


The sturdiness and sleek appearance of glass wholesale joint tubes are a welcome change to the more common plastic options. These containers encase pre-rolled joints in an airtight seal to prevent moisture from ruining the quality of your product and allow users to take them on the go without worrying about their stash getting stale. They also protect against oxidation and light exposure, making them the ideal choice for any cannabis user who wants to store or transport their pre-rolled joint with ease.

Available in sizes that fit anything from small personal spliffs to king-size doobies, these cannabis storage containers are perfect for both recreational and medical marijuana users. They can be adorned with custom labels that reflect your branding or ordered in various colors to attract customers who want to purchase multiples for easy distribution among friends. Moreover, they are entirely odor-proof and can keep your pre-rolls from theft.

Aside from offering convenience and discretion, glass wholesale joint tubes are eco-friendly and sustainable. Unlike plastic, glass is recyclable and can be reused for multiple purposes. They are also odor-proof, protecting your products from unwanted smells in transit and at home. Additionally, they can be opened and closed quickly to ensure maximum security and safety. They are also child-resistant and feature a variety of pop top designs, including standard squeeze-to-open styles and screw caps.


Unlike their plastic counterparts, metal wholesale joint tubes offer excellent durability and are an ideal packaging solution for pre-rolled joints. They are designed to protect pre-rolls from moisture, light, and oxygen and can be customized with your branding, business information, quote, or design. These tubes are also easy to open and can be stored conveniently.

A metal pre-roll tube can be a great addition to your storefront or dispensary. They can be made of a variety of materials, and they can be printed to match your brand’s aesthetic. They’re also an excellent choice for traveling, as they’re water-resistant and odor-proof, which means they can keep your joints safe and dry while you’re on the go.

Mechanical joining of thin-walled tubes to sheets is usually based on local buckling, flaring, or a combination. A typical example is the manufacture of an inclined compression bead in a metal tube that is then joined to a sandwich composite panel. Forming these joints involves placing the sandwich composite panel on an annular flange on the free tube end. Then, the free tube end is compressed against it with a flaring die to obtain a mechanical interlocking (see Fig. 4.5A). Without a mandrel, the development and propagation of elastic waves can result in defects (geometrical depressions) on the surface of the tube above and below the inclined compression bead.


Our biodegradable wholesale joint tubes are manufactured using a high-quality NuPlastiQ eco-friendly resin blend. This sustainable product utilizes synthetic polymers, plant-based glycerin, and plant-based carbohydrates to create a durable, recyclable material. They also help reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

These resealable, child-resistant tubes feature an air, moisture, and smell-proof barrier ideal for storing pre-roll cones and half-gram joints. The resealable pop-top closure makes them easy to use and offers a secure seal for your customers’ products. These products are an excellent option for your business if you want to provide environmentally friendly packaging to your clients while also honoring your brand’s values.

Similar to the popular cigarette tubes that are widely used throughout the industry, these pre-roll containers allow your clients to carry their favorite pre-rolled weed around with them without worry of any damage to the product or its contents. They are also a great way to promote your brand, as these sleek, professional-looking tubes can be customized with your logo and information, helping you to increase visibility and boost sales.

Aside from offering exceptional quality preservation and security, these pre-roll tubes are BPA-, latex-, and lead-free, meaning your customers will be able to enjoy their cannabis safely with peace of mind. They are designed to maintain optimal freshness for as long as your client needs them, and their sleek design ensures they can easily slip into pockets or purses for convenient transportation.

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