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Kaleb Cooper Net Worth 2023 – How Much Does Kaleb Cooper Make?

Kaleb Cooper is an English reality television personality, earning his fame through his prominent role on the popular Amazon Prime series, “Clarkson’s Farm.” His role includes supporting and working with Jeremy Clarkson in managing their Chipping Norton farm. 

Kaleb Cooper net worth is $4.6 million in 2023. He was born in July 1998 in England. 

Kaleb Cooper Wikipedia

Kaleb Cooper was born in July 1998 in England. His father worked as a builder, but little information about his parents is available publicly. On the other hand, his mother operated an equestrian business.

He is a well-known reality star and farm laborer born in England. As for his education, he successfully graduated from Moreton Morrell College. 

He became well known after appearing in the British documentary series, “Clarkson’s Farm.” The second season of this show made its debut on Amazon Prime on February 10th. He quickly captured the viewers’ attention with his candid demeanor and impressive agricultural skills.

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Kaleb Cooper Quick Bio

Full NameKaleb Cooper
Date of BirthJuly 2, 1998
Age25 Years Old
Birth PlaceEngland
Net Worth$4.6 Million
ProfessionReality Star
HometownLondon, England, United Kingdom


Born in July of 1998, Kaleb Cooper grew up in the picturesque Cotswolds. At present, he is 25 years old.

Personal Life

Kaleb Cooper is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Taya. Their love story reached a beautiful milestone in December 2022 when Kaleb proposed to Taya on Christmas Day in a truly romantic gesture. To share their joy, Cooper posted a heartwarming photo on Instagram.

On her Instagram page, Taya proudly displayed her stunning new ring. The couple’s journey together spans six wonderful years before they took the plunge into engagement. Together, they blessed them with a son named Oscar.

As the calendar flipped to January 2023, the couple had another delightful announcement to make—they were expecting a baby girl. Cooper excitedly shared a video of their gender reveal celebration on Instagram, sharing the happy moment with his fiancé and family.

Kaleb Cooper Net Worth 2023

We need to consider Kaleb’s diverse range of endeavors to truly grasp the extent of his wealth. As he began his career in contracting, he typically earned around $35,000 per year. Furthermore, Kaleb reportedly earns approximately $60,000 (£50,000) annually from his television show. 

His farming income is around 60 cents per hour (or 50 pence). Moreover, if we compare him to an Instagram influencer with a similar following, he could earn about $500,000. 

On top of all this, farm managers in the UK typically bring in an annual income of about $50,000. When we consider all these factors together, it’s reasonable to estimate Kaleb Cooper’s net worth to be in the ballpark of $4.6 million.



He has also received compensation for his role in the Amazon Prime TV series. According to Yorkshire Live, he could be adding another £50,000 to his annual earnings through this venture.

Towards the conclusion of the series, he had a conversation with land agent Charlie Ireland about his financial progress during his first year of farming. He was shocked to discover that despite the high costs, he had only made £144 in profit in the year.


Despite achieving significant success, he remains committed to his hometown of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, which has just 6,337 residents.

During a recent interview with The Times magazine, he revealed that his farthest venture was London, which he’s visited three times and candidly described as “awful.”


Kaleb’s rise to fame on the Prime TV show ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ was nothing short of extraordinary. When Jeremy Clarkson took on the challenge of running his farm in 2019, he enlisted Kaleb’s help due to his own lack of farming experience. 

Since the show’s debut in 2021, he has been a fixture in every episode, assisting Jeremy on his Chipping Norton farm in the Cotswolds. After studying at Moreton Morrell College, he went on to establish a farm labor contracting business that managed the very farm Jeremy would later acquire.

Beyond the show, Kaleb’s reach extended to social media. In 2021, he used Instagram to educate his followers about how McDonald’s repurposes leftover cooking oil for biodiesel. He gained 2 million Instagram followers as a result of his television exposure.

At just 13, he took charge of three chickens on a four-acre plot, which eventually grew to 450 hens producing eggs he sold to teachers and neighbors. By 14, he was breeding sheep, and by 15, he owned his first tractor.


Cooper and Taya live together as a couple. They have a precious child named Oscar, who came into the world in March 2021. While they haven’t tied the knot, their love and commitment shine through in their family.

Social Media Accounts 

Kaleb Cooper Contracting

Kaleb Cooper Contracting currently operates in Oxfordshire, England, and its neighboring areas. His journey began with a humble shed of chickens, and this experience taught him the importance of adaptability in farming. 

He strives to offer a range of services that can be tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. When he’s not tending to contract or his own animals, you’ll often find him skillfully maneuvering a tractor.

Kaleb Cooper Clarkson’s Farm

Cooper, a skilled farmer hailing from Oxfordshire, UK, shared the screen with Jeremy Clarkson in the popular Prime Video series “Clarkson’s Farm.” He played a pivotal advisory role throughout all eight episodes.

Recently, he announced the upcoming release of his own book, titled “The World According to Kaleb,” which is currently available for pre-order online.

In the series, he served as Jeremy Clarkson’s right-hand man and even though he encountered a painful injury during filming, he remained dedicated to the project. He candidly revealed that he had been accidentally shot with an air rifle.

“Clarkson’s Farm” primarily centers around Jeremy Clarkson’s ambitious venture into farming, despite lacking any prior experience in the field. He faces stubborn animals, unpredictable crops, and unforeseen pandemics in this show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Kaleb Cooper make?

Kaleb Cooper, known for his role on Clarkson’s Farm, revealed that he earns a meager 50p per hour to ensure the survival of his business. 

He is a beloved character on Amazon Prime Video, but recently launched his own business. He hopes to fulfill his dream of managing his own farm with this move.

What does Kaleb Cooper do now?

He has introduced a new bursary to assist individuals interested in pursuing careers in agriculture. Making the announcement at the university in Cirencester on Thursday, May 11, the star expressed, “Farming is my essence.”

How much did Kaleb earn on Clarkson’s Farm?

Kaleb Cooper, the star of Clarkson’s Farm, revealed that he only earns 50p an hour in order to sustain his business.

Does Kaleb have a girlfriend?

Last year, Kaleb shared the wonderful news of his engagement on Instagram, following a heartwarming Christmas Day proposal. After six beautiful years together, he proposed to his girlfriend Taya at the age of 24. 

The post exuded his happiness, as he joyfully exclaimed, “She said yes!” He also reflected on 2022, saying, “What an incredible year.”

Are Kaleb and Jeremy friends?

Kaleb also mentioned that it’s important for Jeremy to understand who’s in charge, but he emphasized that their dynamic is a positive one. He shared, “I know folks often see us disagreeing on TV, but we share a great rapport.”

How many hours does Kaleb Cooper work?

During an interview with LadBible, Kaleb revealed that he often works 117 hours a week – and that’s just an ordinary week for him. He confided, “My sole life ambition is to acquire a farm – it’s the one thing I desire more than anything else.”

What did Jeremy write about Kaleb?

In his words, he explained, “You invest a few quid in ten pigs, and three months down the line, you’ve got ten million. That’s profit in its purest form, no frills, no fuss.”

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