Car Accidents

What Might Lead to Severe Car Accidents and Delay Your Claim Settlement?

Witnessing or being involved in a car crash on busy highways and roads in California cities like San Diego is common. Estimates suggest the number of traffic accident-led fatalities was 3,854 in 2022. These fatalities affected 406 motorcyclists, 482 pedestrians, 723 passengers, and 1,998 drivers. Other 245 cases included bicyclists and more. That’s why one should be careful when driving. Otherwise, they don’t just risk their own but other innocent lives as well. Unfortunately, people often ignore this primary duty and breach road rules that may have helped prevent the deadly car accident. Let’s look at typical causes of widespread automobile accidents and why claim processes take longer.

Reasons for vehicle collision

Personal injury lawyers San Diego say distracted driving takes seconds to wreck everything. Some lethal distractions are eating and dirking, messaging or talking over the phone, focusing on GPS, browsing through social media or other content, and indulging in grooming during driving. Crossing the speed limit is another crucial factor contributing about 29% to the fatality rate. When someone drives at over-the-limit speed, they miss an opportunity to avoid a hazard or obstacle and land in trouble. However, if you go at a safe 45 mph, you can stop your vehicle at a distance of about 196 feet or a length of 12 cars. Sometimes, weather poses challenges, reducing drivers’ ability to control their speed on treacherous roads due to ice, fog, and rain. If the vehicle collides, it causes a multi-vehicle pileup.   

Another significant road accident reason is intoxication, making up 38% of fatalities. Drug or alcohol consumption compromises a person’s sense of judgment of distance, vision, and reaction time. As a result, they exceed the speed limit, tailgate, drive recklessly or on the wrong side, etc. Their fault puts others’ lives at risk of death or catastrophic injuries. Like this, defective automobile parts or designs and aggressive driving can also be cited as potential causes of car collisions. No matter how someone becomes a road accident victim, consulting an experienced attorney specializing in this area is necessary to seek justice and compensation. Otherwise, the complex legal processes and defendants’ tricks will delay everything.

Reasons for delay in claim settlement

Proving other drivers’ negligence in any road accident is essential to establish their contribution to your injuries and damages. It needs evidence collection to build a strong case for a fair recovery of the amount. Forms of evidence include video or photos of the accident scene, police report, witness testaments, surveillance footage, treatment bills and records, wage loss documents, receipts or estimates of repair, etc. Then, your health may need more time to recover from injuries. In multiple injuries, maximum medical improvement or MMI period gets elongated. Suppose the accident exposes you to life-long disability or life-altering events. In that case, the insurance company will go all out and fight their case to reduce the compensation that is supposedly too high in these cases. Some people also have to file lawsuits when out-of-court settlement fails to conclude favorably.

There are many layers involved in finding justice for your pain. If you get a legal expert on your side, he can continue to work on your case while you recover from injury. Plus, their knowledge and skills are unquestionable in the areas of law. So you can expect better outcomes sooner.

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